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Calling Code Pink and Grannies: Another Parade Needs You

There will be a little parade in St Helens this Saturday, June 16th. If history is any guide, there will likely be at least one military float. (Probably not a tank, though, this is St Helens, not Portland.) Personally, I would love to see a bright pink flash of umbrellas there! I wonder if my neighbors would? (Some of them would, I'm sure. Others, well, not so sure.)
There is still time for an official entry, or you could just use your own initiative and take the streets. That is, if you want to.

Here is more information on how to enter the parade. http://www.sainthelenskiwanis.org/ClubCalendar.htm

I have no idea how you might be received. But I would support you. :-)

DIY 13.Jun.2007 07:53

Granny M

Even the amazing women of the Surge and CodePink can't be every where, every day.
(sometimes we even have to stay home and do laundry or play with the grandkids.)
So, here's what you do:
Get your friends, neighbors. Make a simple flier.
Paint a sign. Visit the $ Store and get pink umbrellas and tape, or any color...
March. Leaflet. Stand Up. Speak Out. Bang pots & pans.
Insist. Resist.
Reclaim your country.
It is a crisis. Silence is complicity.
Activate now.
With love & rage.
-Granny M

VFP was there 13.Jun.2007 08:22


A couple of years ago VFP 72 marched in the St. Helens parade. We were right behind the VFW and American Legion IIRC. We were actually well received and had some good discussions with the VFW members at their booth. They were not happy with the Bush either. I can't remember one negative comment.

To :-) 13.Jun.2007 18:54

St Helens Resident

Yes! I'd support them/you.

And yes, I remember VFP marching. Cool. This is a pretty progressive community in many ways. Actually, a lot of rural Cascadia is a lot more progressive than is normally assumed.