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Grannies Arrested Blocking Tank in Portland

Two of the "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies " of the Surge Protedtion Brigade were arrested on June 9th stopping the tank that was in the Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon.

Bonnie Tinker and Sara Graham were arrested at the 100th Anniversary Portland Rose Festival Parade when they stood to block a U.S. Army Tank from entering the parade.

Why Try to Stop a Tank from Parading Through Portland?
This is a time to mourn war, not to celebrate it.
The military section of this parade is intended to honor "the Greatest Generation."
Inviting the veterans to march in the parade honors veterans.
Honoring service to country is what democracies do.
Parades are fun, but if we want to honor our veterans, we should also pay for the health care and services they need and deserve.

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