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Grannies Arrested Blocking Tank in Portland

Two of the "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies " of the Surge Protedtion Brigade were arrested on June 9th stopping the tank that was in the Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon.
Bonnie Tinker and Sara Graham were arrested at the 100th Anniversary Portland Rose Festival Parade when they stood to block a U.S. Army Tank from entering the parade.
Stopping the tank (far left).  Bonnie, blue sign, left; Sara  yellow sign rt
Stopping the tank (far left). Bonnie, blue sign, left; Sara yellow sign rt
Surrounded (Sara is in Straw hat, Bonnie on ground)
Surrounded (Sara is in Straw hat, Bonnie on ground)
Bonnie Tinker and Sara Graham were arrested today at the 100th Anniversary Portland Rose Festival Parade in Portland, Oregon when they stood to block a U.S. Army Tank from entering the parade.

Below they provide their answer to the question,

Why Try to Stop a Tank from Parading Through Portland?

This is a time to mourn war, not to celebrate it.

The military section of this parade is intended to honor "the Greatest Generation."

Inviting the veterans to march in the parade honors veterans.
Honoring service to country is what democracies do.
Parades are fun, but if we want to honor our veterans, we should also pay for the health care and services they need and deserve.

A tank in the parade glorifies military might. Glorifying
arsenals is what dictators do - - dictators, and politicians trying to support a war that is opposed by the people.

It is especially inappropriate to glorify our military arsenal when it is mired in a war of occupation in the Middle East. Too many Iraqi civilians, including many children, have died in this war. Too many of our servicemen are also dead, many without ever reaching their 21st birthday.

Tanks on city streets around the world are spewing death and destruction. A covering of flowers does not disguise their real purpose - to kill in wartime. They are not a form of entertainment or a reminder of past glory; they inspire fear and feed aggression.

Tanks do not belong on the streets of our town- - or any town.

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Quit a Brave Move 10.Jun.2007 08:30


That was quite a brave move.

I wonder what the the crowds was like. A lot of peer pressure just to be so ho hum on our murderous machines. We are the most repressed society, but for instances as this where you go out and stop a tank.

More Tanks Need To Rest
More Tanks Need To Rest

Communicate to organizers 10.Jun.2007 08:39

Den Mark, Vancouver

Let's tell these people what we think of tanks in a family parade:



Here's to the Granny Bloc 10.Jun.2007 10:46


Wow. What could be more inspiring than this. May we all learn from the example of our Grandmothers.

The Crowd Was Hostile 10.Jun.2007 12:41

Code Pink Hanger-On

In comparison to the St. Johns Parade of a couple weeks ago, where throngs of well-wishers applauded and cheered, the crowd along the route of the Rose Parade was hostile. There were many who supported the demonstrators, but most appeared to be opposed to the dual messages of the group, peace with justice and impeachment of war criminals.

One woman who held one of the umbrellas spelling out "IMPEACH" was physically assaulted by a man who claimed to be protecting his young daughter from the "damage" done by exposure to her message. (Another brave woman, identified as Iris M. Peach, jumped between the two to prevent injury to the first woman, and the man then returned to his lawn chair).

Many people, apparently law-and-order (for blacks and browns) lovers, shouted their objection to impeachment.

The worship of all things military permeated the event.

It was a good day for the black bloc to have made an appearance. Where were you?

they are the most awesomest grannies in the world 10.Jun.2007 14:16

Ecotopian Yeti

right on! "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies"

Right on grannies 10.Jun.2007 18:08

Luciano Pavarotti

THe grannies are right-on. You can't honor "the Greatest Generation" with tanks. Tanks as symbolism are inseparable from the government war machine, and having them there inevitably glorifies the current government war machine. When I see a picture or hear about a tank right now, in a parade or elsewhere, I don't think, "Oh, this is to honor people who fought fascism 60+ years ago." No. I think of the tanks currently being used by the current government, the pictures of which I see in the news everyday, to DEFEND fascism here and neocolonialism abroad.

It's hardly an accident that the current government's propaganda ministers are incessantly appealing to the spirit of the "Greatest Generation" to justify and glorify their own war crimes.

If we are to honor the human spirit of the men and women who fought fascism in WW2, then we should see their faces -- not tanks rolling down our streets.

You go, Grannies! 10.Jun.2007 20:48

Lauren Angel

I saw the tank in the parade on Saturday. Everyone was cheering. I felt like vomiting. I wished I had never come back to this country. The mere act of having a tank in a parade when we have murdered possibly 1,000,000 people in Iraq, and so many around the world makes me deeply humiliated to be an American.

Thank you, Grannies!!!

The Crowd Wasn't Hostile 11.Jun.2007 11:55


I marched with the Code Pink impeach women, and can attest that the crowd was far more supportive than hostile. I handed out "turn you back on the tank" fliers, and tended to hand them to folks who were visibly favorable to the umbrella ladies. I gave out over 50 fliers, all to folks cheering or applauding the impeach marchers. I was by no means able to give handouts to all the supportive folks. There were a few negative reactions, but there was far more applause and support.

today 11.Jun.2007 12:56

aristocratic anarchist

what about asking the navy to assist the
activist trying to expose transnational
treason and the muscle needed to stop those
who are endangering the world with thier
sex trade practices that help hide the
drug trade resupply? 206-708-4461 i have
proper trade policy. It is time to use our re-
sources to our true democracy advantage.

thank you! 11.Jun.2007 21:44

another black bloc-er

Cheers to the grannies for such a visible, courageous gesture. I can't speak for others, but next time I'll be there, right next to you. Thank you thank you!

VIDEO: Grannies Stop Tank 08.Jul.2009 20:55

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I filmed Bonnie and Sara stopping a tank
12 minutes long video