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Frontline Peacemakers The Grannies, Stop Tank In Bloody Tracks

A Tank in the Rose Parade?

Well the Grannies are out on the Frontline

Today it was a Tank they were in front of!
You know what

I am about out of my mind

Over watching Grandmothers holding down the frontlines

These ladies, ....these grandmothers stood in front of a fucking tank!!!!!!

I can barley post these pictures

When I seen them put into that Police "GITMO caged van" - my heart broke!

My God ..... A tank rolling down our streets in a parade?????!

I could barely hold my camera in the rain ... . The adrenalin, the police, the tank, the Grandmothers running ... ... God

Here are a few pictures ..... from the short video,

A short video will be posted up on YouTube and then on Indy Media latter..... as soon as possible.
It includes a short statement read by Code Pink

Please Help Promote Peace.. .......Become Active!

Don't Let Grandma Do The Dirty Work!

This War Machine is ominous to stand up to ...

It takes Courage to stand up and face off with the Military Agenda , as I seen here today.....

"I hate to ruin your parade but... .. there is a war going on"

Special thanks and a big credit to the down town part of the Parade route near 6th and Taylor when ...... More Seriously Pissed Off Grannies and Code Pink jumped out in front of the TANK ..... I tried to get there to film it but was short by - minutes.....They were ushered off to the side and not arrested. Those Frontline Peacemakers, were just as brave and dedicated..... I wish I could of been there to video it!

I thank them here now!

Here are my pictures from up by the Coliseum ..... and let me tell you they "tear me up" It is a shame that this has to happen.

There is no glory in War.

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Yay! 10.Jun.2007 10:18



Grannies fucking ROCK.

message to indy tech folks 10.Jun.2007 10:24

please fix the photos

i can't seem to load the pics. i presume there are larger size pics behind the thumbnails on several recent articles, but for some reason they will not load.

thanks in advance for assistance.

TANK VIDEO 11.Jun.2007 18:02

Ben Waiting