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Seriously Pissed Off Grannies Block Tank - 2 Arrested

2 Peacemakers arrested by the Coliseum
At two different places The Surge Brigade Grannies & Code Pink jump out to stop the WAR TANK that was in the Rose Parade.....

True dedicated peacemakers in direct action standing up to to the war machine

Two Grandmas cuffed and took to jail (and may already be released as I write this)

Video will be posted on Portland Indy Media "tonight"

Peace - Troops Out Of Iraq

Joe Anybody

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Awesome ! 09.Jun.2007 16:11

V & G

Your dedication is awesome ! SPOG rock !

HOW TO STOP A TANK 09.Jun.2007 20:05

Ben Waiting


The Duct Tape Is One Thing ...Tanks Are Even Worse!
Can You Do This?
Can You Do This?

Contacting Rose Festival Assoc. 10.Jun.2007 13:25


I did not go to the parade. I did not want to see the tank on the streets of our beloved city. I will contact the Rose Festival Assoc. in a group letter from two Peace Groups. This should never happen again! Thanks and bless the brave Grannies.

The REAL Parde,is the exit line from Iraq ! 11.Jun.2007 10:50


The only parade I want to see, is All Our "U.S." soldiers streaming off planes,returning from Iraq and other war area's.

Colin Powell said it this morning live on the NBC (No Body Cares )Morning News.

The only place tanks and military stuff needs to be is melted down into metal for new housing in Louisanna/Portland Oregon...or park benchs for the homeless to sit on in Portland ,Oregon.

Go GRANNIES GO !!! you ladies sure have Balls,,Shame that George Bush doesnt have any !!!!.

Hurrah! 12.Jun.2007 00:06


I boycotted the Rose Festival, and am even happier that I didn't go downtown at all during that shite, when I hear that they had a tank in the parade. Cheers to the grannies for taking a stand, or should I say, a lay down! This disgusting, manipulative herd activity which glorifies the soldiers and their sex drive while turning a blind eye to the context and consequences of capitalist war, should not be allowed to pass in silence.


Go Grannies! 14.Jun.2007 20:56


Thats right!! We need to respect our grannies, not arrest them for trying to make peace. My goodness what has become of this society?