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G8: Report from Germany #7

If they deny us information about our culture, our people and our revolution they deny us something to extract hope from. The corporate media is the corporate media and they will NEVER give us that satisfaction, nor will they ever give us a revolution to `join┬┤. So, please, do not complain or gripe about their lack of coverage. The corporate media is the systems most powerful weapon and they use it well.

On that note: Germany is full of things which should give you all something to hope for. I am currently in a GIANT squat, having been taken in by a total stranger. I am surrounded by anarchists. In my conversations here I have learned that there has never been a black block like the one seen on the 2nd of June in Rostock. I was part of something unprecedented here, something I do not think I have even dreamed of. A few blocks away from is a park that used to be the wall between East and West Germany. After the collapse of the East 200 houses were taken over. While the government is systematically trying to crush all of them, the ones that survive are thriving centers of revolution. They are living examples of the world we wish to build. The `left scene┬┤ here is not something always hoping to finally do something, it is something. It IS a new world. And it is fighting a WAR against the state.

Report from Germany #6

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