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Pedalpalooza: multiple donut debauchery!

Yesterday was the kickoff to two weeks of nonstop mad bicycle love.

It all started with a "parade" leaving from Jamison Square at 7pm. A great location for staging too, what with the Farmer's Market across from the southeast corner of the square (complete with petting zoo and miniature pony rides for the kids!).

I meandered about the grassy area east of the fountain taking in the dazzling array of bike creativity on display: Unicycles, trikes, tall bikes, and highly unusual spaceage, imported German Human Powered Vehicles! ( http://www.greenash.net.au/images/go-one-velomobile). And most of them decorated in innumerable ways: a triple decker tall bike with "wings" intended to look like an old biplane, the rider complete with aviator goggles; a "chariot" a la ancient Rome; numerous "xtracycles", one with a mobile soap bubble generator (the kids loved it!), and on and on.

Pedalpalooza: 17 Days of Bike Fun, June 7th-23rd

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