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Bad behavior at the rose festival

I really enjoy having the Rose Festival here. Sure, its a senseless popularity contest and corporate advertizing frenzy, but It's nice to see families together enjoying downtown.
I figure any thing that gets the kids, and grown-ups for that matter, away from the TV set, and outside has some socially redeeming value. Plus you can go watch the parade, and just be a citizen for a day, not a consumer. For a couple hours at least you are not judged on how much money you are making and spending. It's too bad they started charging admission to the "fun center" in waterfront park (I still have not accepted the "waterfront village" name change. What do they have against fun?

Anyways today I was having a lively discussion with some friends on the issue of the tape reserving spots on the route for people. Yes it's a small thing, and doesn't carry the weight of global warming or our governments criminal enterprise in Iraq. Or does it? This was a chance to be a good neighbor, and becomeing closer to our neighbors, and by this I mean people living in Beaverton, Gresham, Vancouver, and even farther. Then just maybe you will have some oppurtunity to discuss the iraq war or global warming with your good neighbors.

If the city truly wanted to get rid of any tape on the street, they could have said something a month ago. Or make announcements at the parade that tape wont be allowed next year.

Instead it comes down to a mean-spirited publicity stunt by the Portland Mercury. Calling the Mercury a newspaper is a real stretch- they seem primarily interested in letting the world know that it is possible to be more sleazy than willie-week.

So I'm watching the news tonight and theres a few folks in thier 20's removing tape and chalk lines, while having a street party.

Do you have kids, or family coming to visit?

Are you even watching the parade?

Did you move here from California 2 years ago? New York?

I always like to watch at least some of the parade. I never show up early, and always wind up in the most congested areas downtown. I've never had a problem seeing the show, and even getting a clear view to take some pictures. Nobody has ever tossed me out of "thier spot".

My feeling is that a family of these neighbors will come out with three generations of kids and grandparents, and an aunt or uncle or cousin, and wont all be able to sit together.

And they'll say, Damn those uppity portland liberals who are too good for a little duct tape from wal-mart in Vancouver.