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My open letter to Jared Israel of TENC: on his support for the war on Lebanon

Jared Israel of The Emperor Has No Clothes (TENC) website, a former leftwing activist, is not only not wearing any clothes, but is seeking the naked destruction of Hezbollah, which as we saw in the 2006 war with Lebanon, means the total destruction of that counrty,as well as the ovethrow of the current israeli government; which is called sedition. Here is my comment to his genocidical ambitions.
Hello Jared,
Not sure whats gotten into TENC, but altho its done great work in defending Serbia and Milosevic from libel, and on 9-11 Truth. When you turn to Israel and the arabs you people turn hard right.
Your post on Lebanon invasion:

Some commments:

1. UN 'Grants Hezbollah the same legitimacy as Israel; '

What legitimacy has israel? Its a rogue state that has stolen palestinian land and in the manner of the nazis, proceeded to run them off that land.Its called ethnic cleasing, all the while painting the victims as villains. Its invasion of Lebanon in 1982 has been followed up by its invasion in 1986, after having manufactured a pretext, and using US made weapons, which is illegal under US law.

2.'Legitmizes the Hezbollah-Lebanese policy of terror regarding the phony Shebaa Farms dispute; [1]''

Thats pretty brazen given israels two invasions and mass murder of lebanese civilians (which also goes to show, the human shields dont work when the attacker is inhuman) .

3. 'Lets Iran off scot-free after it sponsored Hezbollah's attacks, including admittedly providing Hezbollah with Zelzal-21 missiles'

Exuse me? Israel attacked lebanon first...including Beiruts international airport and did it with US made weapons...which is illegal under US arms export law:

 link to www.khaleejtimes.com

4. 'has seen Prime Minister Ehud Olmert woo intervention by foreign governments [4] and the UN, which have consistently encouraged Hezbollah's Lebanon-backed anti-Israel terror;'

You are upset that Olmert has admitted the war was planned long before the casus belli: the captured soldiers.

'Olmert 'planned Lebanon war before soldiers' kidnap' '

And 'anti-israel terror'? You may not be aware that Hezbollah was formed AFTER lebanon was invaded by the rogue state of israel. UNlike the misnamed Israel Defence (SIC) force, it has not invaded israel.

5. 'has involved a military offensive relying primarily on air power, thus preventing the IDF from destroying Hezbollah, which can only be accomplished with massive ground forces'

wrong again...Israel failed with its ground forces, owing to the superior guerilla tactics of Hezbollah. BUT you seem to be defending the the aggressive invasion of another country, which violates international law. Your touching wish to advise Olmert on battle tactics means you are the embodiment of the naked emperor.

6. 'At the same time, the focus on air power has given Hezbollah a crucial propaganda advantage. '

No, the successful resistance of an aggressive invasion has given Hezbollah the advantage in the media stakes. Israel has once again been seen by the whole world as the aggressor.

7. 'Wars cannot be won from the air'

that was not the idea...what sort of victory was isreal looking for? The purpose of the invasion was to sow terror among the lebanese people to get them to reject Hezbollah, their only defence from Eretz Israel. The invasion was an act of state terrorism.

8. 'The partial exception is an air war of terror. Israel has - most fortunately - conducted the opposite kind of air war, destroying enemy weapons and facilities while trying to protect civilians (e.g., Israel drops leaflets to warn civilians away from targeted areas, even though this alerts Hezbollah). [5] '

Now you are regurgitating IOF propaganda:
'The IDF never intentionally targets civilians, much less ambulances," a spokesman said. `'
 link to www.boston.com

This is your most naked act of TENC roguery yet. Was it trying to protect civilians when it bombed Beitut airport, following that up with bombing roads with people,on them) hospitals and apartments? Hezbollah knows israel well enough that hiding behind civilians does no good: with > 1000 civilians dead, israels OFFENCE Force showed no concern for civilian casualties:

'The pattern of attacks shows the Israeli military's disturbing disregard for the lives of Lebanese civilians. Our research shows that Israel's claim that Hezbollah fighters are hiding among civilians does not explain, let alone justify, Israel's indiscriminate warfare.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch'

Israel never attacks ambulances?

'All the crews were injured - one with a piece of shrapnel in his neck - but what worried the Lebanese Red Cross was that the Israeli missiles had clearly pierced the very centre of the red cross painted on the roof of each vehicle. Did the pilots use the cross as their aiming point?'

9. 'Conducted in this principled manner, wars cannot be won from the air.'

How much is IOF paying you to write that twaddle?

10. 'This is especially true when fighting terrorist forces; more so when the terrorists don't care about civilian casualties; and even more so when they are supplied by very wealthy Iran. '

you have a fixation on Iran. Lets rephrase you claim:

'This is especially true when fighting terrorist forces; more so when the terrorists don't care about civilian casualties; and even more so when they are supplied by very wealthy US.

now THAT makes sense.

or as HRW tells us:
'Israeli Cluster Munitions Hit Civilians in Lebanon'

Those were US cluster bombs, and their indiscriminate use against civilians in an aggressive invasion violates US law.

11. 'the firing of antiaircraft guns at Israeli towns'

besides your complete blindness to Israels acts of aggressions since 1982, firing an antiaircraft gun at a town?

12.' and the arming of Palestinian Arab terrorists'

your nasty genocidical racism is showing in remark. This must be the same palestinian arab terrorists who have had their country taken over by the zionazis, and who endure a constant barrage of helicopter gunships, merkava tanks, house demolitions etc.

13. 'In fact, Lebanese elections have been conducted under the merciless eye of Islamist Hezbollah, which has, we are told, 6,000 armed men supported by a disciplined, Nazi-like political/media apparatus'

unlucky point 13. Your language borders on the criminally insane. Hezbollah is merciless...this is the same Hezbollah that has gained the support of most of Lebanon and the arab street everywhere.

'"We are not against Lebanon. We just want to expel the PLO out of Lebanon." Now, they are saying the same, with one difference: Hezbollah is the Lebanese population here. I am from South Lebanon. I tell you that the entire population of South Lebanon stands behind Hezbollah, whether you like it or not. My 14-year-old nephew has been raised by secular leftists, like my family is, and yet he is now a passionate, enthusiastic supporter of Hezbollah.'

But at least you recognised they are 'discplined'. But thast rankles you as that discpline made them a formidable defence against the Nazi-like premptive mptive invasion of Lebanon...you remember Hitlers premptive invasion of Poland, right down to using trickery to justify it.

14. 'Israel's policy of warning civilians to leave areas from which Hezbollah is attacking is honorable, but Israel can then alternately be blamed for forcing thousands of Lebanese from their homes.'

theres nothing honorable about attacking another countrys towns and cities. Warnings? and if people dont leave would Israels IOF still attack? What a farcical excuse to justify mass murder....'we warned them, they didnt leave, so there death is their own fault'.

15. 'Responding to a six year war of terror by Hezbollah'

that must refer to the period AFTER Hezbollah and the lebanese people expelled their brutal jewish occupiers. During this time, israel crossed the border and kidnapped thousands of lebanese, which they still hold in their gulags.

16. 'This disastrous policy can be corrected in one way: the people of Israel must topple this government, reject the cease-fire, and empower the IDF to destroy Hezbollah'

you really are flaming mad! Thats called sedition. You may be jewish, but you dont live in israel. As for 'destroy hezbollah'...how many Lebanese and israelis are u prepared to sacrifice to serve that end.

Sorry Jared, you sound like a real live nazi. Zionism has driven you into criminal insanity. I shall be warning people against you and your site, and will post this letter around the internet

Brian Souter

One War in the Middle East 09.Jun.2007 14:15


Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon: all directed by the greatest hegemon in the history of the world, which has slaughtered 30 million people since WWII and tortured/maimed millions more.

We don't need to attack any apologist for U.S.-Israeli war mongers; we need to threaten our nonrepresentatives with recall if they do not cease to support Israeli crimes in our name.