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Portland,Oregon Commissioner,Lenard,attempts to STALL SIT-LIE Ordinance

Overnight,Randy Lenord,City Commissioner of Public Safty,Has recieved many complaints about the City of Portlands failure to keep their Promise to the Homeless.....
As of 8 a.m.,Today, June 6th,2007 , Portland Oregon, City Commissioner Randy Lenord is pulling out all the stops he has to disable the Sit-Lie Ordinance, that was to go into effect at & 7 A.M.this coming Saturday,June 9th,2007.

Can I say KUDO'S times infinity !!!!!!Commissioner Lenord..!!!! Way to Step-Up !!

He knows that the city already failed to keep their end of the bargin, and stated so.
To Channel 8 News, he stated,"We have not provided a appropriate amount of bathrooms,Benchs,Or day centers".
"This ordinance should not be enforced as of yet ,until we meet full obligations set in the Ordinance.

My question, How about any concerns by the other 3 Commissioners ???? How about the Strong Mayor ??

Stay tuned to this website in the event that the ordinance gets put on hold for awhile.

Stay safe.

Justice - Human Rights - Civil rights 06.Jun.2007 12:13

Joe Anybody & Ben Waiting

go randy !

I just wrote city hall 06.Jun.2007 12:35

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com


I read that on Wed morning (today) you were trying to block the sit lie law from being enacted?

I commend you on this deeper level of thinking and taking action on this ill conceived 'law"

The law should not be enforced and for numerous reasons

The primary is that none of the promised "fixes" have been implanted from the cities side of the coin

No central easy to use "day center" ... no showers... .. not many places to sit (benches)

How can this pass if nothing is ready on the cities side to provide as promised?... ..

It cant!

This law is flaky and is a baked attempt to control and arrest homeless people

That is not what the city needs to be doing with the police or courts or its homeless citizens.

I admit if there is an unruly or person blocking traffic or being an illegal nuisance, it should be addressed.

But done so on a basis of that issue and what all is involved... . not a blanket law that has no logic but to focus on homeless people with no where to go

As you know this sit lie law is full of holes and potentially a money waster and civil rights boondoggle

Thanks for looking into this ... I commend you and encourage you

(sent to)

(Cc: copied)

My letter 07.Jun.2007 00:38


Dear Comissioner Leonard-

If there are such things as properly constructed sit-lie ordinances, your attempt to make this policy as thougtful as possible must bring this close to being one. If I cannot persuade you to do away with this ordinance at least I can say thank you for making all concerned remember this is about people, people who deserve proper consideration and for trying to make sure they get at least a little of it.

SE Portland

Just Think 07.Jun.2007 05:16

sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

If Portland had voted the power into the hands of Mayor Potter, this could not be happening. Our Mayor, avid police protector and cover-up artist would have had the final (and entire) say on this.

Maybe there should be a proposal created to abolish the Mayor's position entirely. We don't need a "figure head" to spin police cover-ups anyway.