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The second line of defense.

Are you prepared?
The second line of defense.

I have heard the first line of defense
Since I was a young, young,
Infantile toddler.
I was barely able to support my own knees
When you folks up in government
Would come out slappin the backs of your cronies
Talking about not
"ruling out a war".
It was obvious that you cared about our safety
Enough to test nuclear weapons
To increase the size of the military.
To secretly spy on us.
To set up new branches of government.
TO learn to really torture.
To devise new weapons of torture.
To trade arms with our enemies.
Then to make them use their weapons
With us in the battlefield.
You cared in way that made our way of life secure.
Sure there was the odd mishap.
Like hurricane Katrina, in which
You couldn't deliver supplies to your own
Country people in an area that
Was not devastated by a hurricane
But by a broken levee.
We watched them raped
Deliver babies
And die horribley for over a week.
This was our second line of defense
That failed us.
Sure there was the odd mishap
Like suicide planes
Into the "world trade center"
But this you discounted
By saying that you would
Restructure all branches of government
And suspend civil liberties.
Now it takes three hours to board a plane.
But in case that war
Doesn't go as planned
What is my second line of defense?
Some football stadium full of rapists
And crazy guards?
What should I do first?
Duck and cover under my wooden desk?
It is good
That you have insured our safety with
Your defense system.
For now,
I would like to say,
Sorry to the people in Kansas
Who did not have enough supplies
To give aid in the tornado.
I am sorry to all the people
Who will not receive aid in the floods,
Fires, and hurricanes this year.
Our first line of defense
Has been deployed.