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G 8 BREAKING NEWS: Breakthrough to the fence !

1000s managed to get into the 1st security zone which is about 6km in front of the fence. They now are DIRECTLY at the fence. They began with the demontage of NATO razor wire.
Another 10 000 people are bocking highways, roads and railways.

Police declared red alert and seems not being capable to stop the masses. Police forces were brought by army helicopters to the fence.

original report on:  https://at.indymedia.org/de/node/315 (german)


from the air:  http://www.spiegel.de/videoplayer/0,6298,18758,00.html

46 pics:
 link to www.welt.de

more pics:


YES! 06.Jun.2007 11:11

here in my cubicle in portland

I totally needed something inspiring like this today. YAY!

I feel like some little cog in the grinding, gray wheel. And then I see this. Smiles and colorful banners and strength, and people breaking down fences and chewing through razor wire and not letting them just roll us into the dirt. I see the helicopters and riot pigs and first world weapons aimed at us all there too. But I keep thinking of the Viet Cong, blowing down helicopters with slingshots and sneaking through passageways in the ground. They won.

Thanks to everyone breaking down fences today, large and small.

where's the funny smell coming from? 06.Jun.2007 20:25


ahhhhhh the sweet scent of freedom in the air!!