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Portland's Newest Labor Movement? SE 6th & Ankeny Day Laborers May Relocate to New Center

Plans are in motion by the city, businesses and even labor advocates to relocate mostly poor Hispanic day workers from a long established SE 6th & Ankeny site to a new day labor center, yet to be built or located. Mayor Tom Potter will meet with participants in latest round of public planning dicussions set for 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 6, in Lovejoy Room on 2nd Floor at City Hall.

"Sometimes it's okay, but sometimes no," Avl Bararcas explained in the raw, biting wind ripping through the Willamette River valley down Southeast 6th Avenue just a few steps from East Burnside. "Sometimes it's three hours waiting. Sometimes you wake up and come to here, the bosses are coming and you go to work. But sometimes you wait for three hours, four hours."

The anti-immigrant hysteria rising daily in Oregon and throughout the country has certainly added to the already considerable pressures faced by day laborers. A clear and malicious sign of the times occurred late last month when published reports allege a mob of 20 to 30 white teenagers beat and threw stones at two Latino men in an unprovoked attack at a park south of Oregon City. According to police, the mob kicked, beat and pummeled the Salem men with large rocks while chanting, "Go back to Mexico." Last weekend, a group of about one hundred rallied at the park to protest the rising anti-immigrant hate and violence.

Preparing to Move?  Pressures Rise to Oust Day Laborers from SE 6th & Ankeny
Preparing to Move? Pressures Rise to Oust Day Laborers from SE 6th & Ankeny
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