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The Hypocrisy of Religion: Catholic Cardinal threatens State Politicians

SYDNEY-- A comment by Catholic Archbishop George Pell directed at Catholic Premier, Morris Iemma and other Catholic politicians, is clearly an attempt by the church to interfere with matters of State. Is this a case of an insular Cardinal pining for the good ol' days when the Holy Roman Empire ruled Europe with a corrupt iron cross or is it a case of blatant religious hypocrisy? Perhaps the Cardinal's comments, relating to stem cell issues, constitute a clear case of criminal blackmail - legal advocates may find a prime target in Cardinal Pell. A legal action could be interpreted as the State clearly delineating a distinction between matters of church and matters of State - Cardinals may discover they can't have their cake and eat it with impunity!
A believer would consider excommunication or denial of communion a very intimidating threat especially from a person who holds high office in the church. The current Pope, Ratzinger, a former Hitler-youth, confirms the ultra-right wing position of today's Catholic Church. While Cardinal Pell's comments may be perfectly compatible with current church views they nevertheless betray a certain nostalgia or even envy, Islam makes no distinction between Church and State -- an unlikely possibility may be that we are simply dealing with a religionist in wonderland.

'Show me a religionist and I will show you a brazen hypocrite', a very old and accurate adage. Perhaps we should refer the Cardinal to his saviour's own words in a circumstance that would have surely elicited a mundane response from most; after enduring inhuman tortures and scorn the saviour responded to challenges of his authority/Kingship by clearly stating that his 'Kingdom is not of this world' but life and history have taught us there is no greater hypocrite than a religious hypocrite. The teachings of Jesus Christ have little relevance in today's 'Christian' organisations!

If the Cardinal (deluded or otherwise) is permitted to flagrantly intimidate and threaten individuals and meddle in temporal affairs with impunity then dear readers we should all seek sanctuary in his Cathedral on the very next occasion we run foul of the law.

Another cup of tea, anyone?

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