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This weekend, Int'l Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers

The 2007 International Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers takes place this coming weekend, June 9th. Below is a list of events we have been informed about. If you know of additional events or want to organize one, please let us know the details and we will post them.

This is a very critical time in Jeff's case as he awaits resentencing. It is also a trying time for the activist community in general with the recent bogus terrorism enhancement to the defendants in the Green Scare cases sentenced these past 2 weeks. See  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/greenscare/

To support legal efforts on behalf of both Jeff and the Green Scare defense, please go to  http://www.cldc.org. As always, direct donations can be made to Jeff at  http://www.freefreenow.org/donate.html

I hope you join us in this Day of Solidarity and help spread the word about Jeff's case and others. For the original statement about this event and other details, go to  http://freefreenow.org/june2007.html or see the end of this email.

Thank you for your support! And don't forget to check out the events below.
-Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers
June 9, 2007 International Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey Free Luers

Eugene, Oregon:

Wednesday June 13th, 7pm at Cozmic Pizza, 199 W 8th Ave. Music by Inkwell Rhythm Makers and Blair Street Mugawumps. Film Premiere of "How I Became an Eco-warrior" - a new documentary about Jeff. $5 donation. Contact:  breakthechains02@yahoo.com
**The Eugene event will be broadcast LIVE on the Indra's Internet Lounge website:  http://www.indras.org

New York, New York:

Saturday June 9th, 4pm; Backyard Vegan BBQ Bonanza! 239 Himrod St Apt. 1 b/t Knickerbocker and Irving, Brooklyn, NY Included in the festivities will be: Vegan burgers, wings, shish kebobs! Sweet vegan treats! Music! Beer! Movies-The Spook Who Sat by the Door, and a new documentary about Jeff! A piņata! Info about current activist projects in NYC! $8-12 suggested donation. Contact:  pafproductions@yahoo.com.

Norfolk & Virginia Beach, Virginia:

Sunday June 10th, 11am critical mass bike ride to bring attention to Jeff's case and global warming, coinciding with the "International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8" followed by a 5pm screening of documentary and vegan treats.

Long Island, New York:

Friday June 8th, 2pm, Vegan potluck and letter-writing party: vegan treats, post stamps, pens, paper, music, and more! $5 suggested donation, or bring food/stamps. 390 Beebe Rd, Mineola, NY Contact:  anarchyriotqueen@yahoo.com

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

June 8th at 10 pm; Public access TV channel 27 airing of 22/8: The Jeffrey Free Luers Story and live streaming at  http://quote-unquote.org

Melbourne, Australia:

Saturday June 9th, filmscreening of 22/8 documentary Contact:  abcmelb@yahoo.com.au

Announcement of the June 9, 2007 Day of Solidarity with Jeffrey "Free" Luers

June marks the seventh year that our friend and comrade, Jeffrey "Free" Luers has been imprisoned and held captive by the state. Sentenced to an outrageous 22 years and 8 months for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, Jeff has continued to be active in prison and fight back with his words and inspiration. Although Jeff recently won his appeal and is expecting a reduced sentence, this case is not over:

"I have spoken with my attorney and there are still many battles ahead. Hard choices will have to be made. I am by no means close to walking out of prison, just one step closer. This is a victory, and while my own personal struggle is making headway others are just beginning."

We encourage people to organize events for Jeff and other political prisoners, uniting struggles for human, earth, and animal liberation. In Jeff's own words:

"This June, show your solidarity with me, and all those who have struggled, past and present, to make this world a better place. Struggle with us. Hold demonstrations or gatherings at federal buildings or US embassies and demand change. It doesn't matter what cause or issue you
fight for - we are all connected. What does matter is that we stand united and make our voices heard."

For more information on how to get involved, contact Jeff's support network at PO Box 3, Eugene, Oregon 97440 USA. Email  freefreenow@mutualaid.org and visit www.freefreenow.org Donations for Jeff's re-sentencing attorney are urgently needed, please help via www.freefreenow.org/donate.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org
address: address: Free's Defense Fund; PO Box 3; Eugene, OR 97440