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Cougars and Pigs!

Within DAYS, the Oregon House of Representatives and Oregon Senate will vote on two bills impacting animals-

H.B. 2971, which would allow the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to deputize sport hunters as their agents to kill cougars with hounds under the "Cougar Management Plan." In 1994, the voters approved Measure 18, prohibiting the cruel and unsportsmanlike practice of hunting cougars with hounds. This bill would permit these "agents" to use hounds to chase down cougars, essentially violating the ban that was overwhelmingly approved by voters.

Call your state senator, Kurt Schrader, today at (503) 986-1720 and urge opposition to H.B. 2971 to allow hound hunting of cougars by deputized sport hunters.


S.B. 694 to require that breeding sows have enough room to lie down, turn around, and extend their limbs. Help to pass this legislation through the House Chamber.

Call your representative, Dave Hunt, today at (503) 986-1900 and urge support for S.B. 694 to give pigs in pregnancy more room to move around.

Here is a link to more info on both issues-

Thanks to the HSUS for sending the action alert.