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0605 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, June 5th, 2007.
0605 am 'Get This' news
0605 am 'Get This' news
06/05/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Earth Liberator, Daniel McGowan was sentenced to seven years in prison yesterday. McGowan, being the ninth in line at the "payback" line, has come face to face with a society that frowns upon individuals taking responsibility for the destiny of their environment to heart an in hand. The 'Green Scare' defendants, in fact, are the face of the question; Sure we all love the environment, but how many of us are willing to put what little we have left of freedom on the line in defense of nature?
2. First they were out of timber (Because they cut down all the trees) and then they are out of timber payments (Because they voted Republican) and now Clatsop and Tillamook Counties want the payments restored in full or they are going to start harvesting what's left of the state's forests. In Canada, the government allows farmers to grow commercial hemp and business is booming. Are they smarter than us or are they just hardheaded realists?
3. Gas prices are driving drivers crazy and gas station owners crazier because they have to get up on ladders with those stick/grabber things and change the signs all day.
4. The ban on drilling for oil, gas or sulfur off the Oregon coast has been renewed. The bill is on its way to the Governor's desk. But don't start feeling good about this: The legislation lifts the ban in the event of an embargo and we've enraged every oil producing nation on earth with the possible exceptions of Chad and Sudan - mainly because they haven't experienced American-style "democracy". That, plus weird and vicious weather is changing the odds on oil going anywhere and what you get is a levitation of the ban. (As if rushing out to sea armed with oil drills is going to help in the event of a sudden spike in gas prices... But no one ever said Americans were smart... )
5. Violent crime in Oregon and across the nation is up. (When you've got nothing to lose, well, why not? It's the American version of suicide bombings. It sends the dual message: 'I don't care what happens to my own physical being' and 'This poverty and desperation business really sucks')
6. The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is ready to go after six months of maintenance. Just add a few spray cans of that 'new aircraft carrier' scent and the Lincoln will be all set to hit the Persian Gulf...
7. Name Your Poison: How about 'Bessie'? More contaminated beef is making its way around the country. This time from United Food Group. (Beef infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy prions is still free to travel where it wants. Company motto: 'They'll Never Remember What Hit 'Em')
8. This year Washington State doubled its investment in land acquisition for wildlife habitat and recreational access. - But don't start packing that tent yet... I'm betting the concessions will soon fall prey to privatization.
9. That vote of No Confidence on Alberto Gonzales that we have all been looking forward to? Looks like time is on the side of the Republicans. Delaying the vote until June has - as predicted - allowed arms to be twisted, money and favors to be exchanged and fixes to be screwed into place. (Too bad Gonzales is not still White House counsel, should Bush find that he needs a good lawyer... .)
10. The Justice Department is a bit ancy over the William Jefferson indictment. Jefferson, as we know, is the Louisiana Democratic Representative who kept $90 thousand dollars in his freezer right next to the Creamsicles, fish sticks, the little plastic figures of astronauts, the glow-in-the-dark party ice cubes, the vodka, the ... Wait, Where was I? Right. The indictment on 16 corruption counts. Seems the Justice Department is having a bit of an image problem itself what with Attorneygate still percolating along on the back burner while Bush keeps 'em laughing over there in that Europe place that he can't pronounce... But here's what the DofJ wants you to take away from the whole thing: 'Politics will not be involved'
11. Less-Than-Gung-Ho: Marine Corporal Adam Kokesh is looking at a General Discharge from the Marines for wearing his uniform to an anti-war rally. It's a step up from the less-than-honorable discharge that was first recommended.
12. Activists in Montana have secured a 'stay of execution' for Yellowstone Park's planned slaughter of the buffalo in the park (How about a slaughter of visitors to the Yellowstone? There are way too many, they strew the place with trash, they steal the pine cones and generally make nuisances of themselves). But other forms of harassment continue - hazing with helicopters and horsemen to keep the buffalo away from livestock (What the hell are livestock doing in Yellowstone Park in the first place?)
13. The CIA has received approval at least twice in the last several years to up the ante in the global information wars. (Since when did the CIA ever seek "approval" to conduct 'Black Ops'?)
14. George Bush says that he does not want to see what the world's climate looks like from outer space. (I say we send him anyway... )
15. Legitimate Ejaculations Only! It's okay to yell 'Fuck' 'Shit', 'Fuck shit up', 'Shitaree', 'Shitaroo', 'Cocksucking sumbitch' and so forth on the air if it is done con brio - in other words, says the 2nd US Circuit Court of appeals, the FCC cannot obstruct such language if it is an accidental outburst.
16. Nine people in the United States were caught plotting to overthrow the government of Laos. That leaves America with exactly zero people who know that Laos has a government or can even find it on a map...
17. The Bush administration's plans to bury the Gitmo detainees in the bowels of its perverted military justice system have come off the tracks. The judge, Colonel Peter Brownback dismissed the cases of Canadian Omar Khadr (Khadr was fifteen years old when he fell down the deep, convoluted tunnel of Democracy In Action) and Yemeni citizen Salim Ahmed Hamdan was Osama bin Laden's driver. Shitaree!
18. Protestors at Heiligendamm mixed it up with police again yesterday. Apparently the enormous steel fences aren't working...
19. The Palestinian government says it has agreed on the terms of a ceasefire proposal it wants to put to Israel to end the violence. (Making peace with Israel is a little like killing to end war and fucking for abstinence... )
20. Analysts and politicians - you can see where this is going - say that no one should be alarmed by world food shortages (After all, analysts and politicians probably don't think that they will be going hungry any time soon... ) brought about by booming use of sugar cane and corn to produce ethanol (Itself no answer to the global energy crisis, but a gigantic giveaway to the genetic engineering overlords, like Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill). These analysts and politicians haven't noticed that we are awash in famine, the movable 'anti-feast' that stalks the world's poor who would probably rather have a sack of maize than a gallon of ethanol to put in the Porsche...
21. The fighting that began in the Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp is metastasizing. The violence has spread south to Ain al-Hilweh... just as Fatah al-Islam's leadership said would happen. Civil war, here we come1 Shitaroo!
22. Like the spoiled frat boy maddened by delusions of grandeur that he has displayed himself to be, George Bush is resisting the blandishments of his fellow G8 participants. Climate change? Not until the US is well positioned to take financial advantage of the coming disaster... .And not a moment before.

Note to yesterday's commentator: Whatever Larry Flynt is or was, presntly he is a thorn in the backside of the Republican Party and a major donor to progressive, leftside causes. Don't be too quick to judge or sterotype until you learn more. also, the man has a sense of humor and outrage.

#14 06.Jun.2007 06:54


Don't like the news? Shoot the messenger.

google - shutting down NASA weather surveillance

17 May 2007 NASA Mission Management and Program Support Aircraft A-76 Studies. ... has been cutting back on satellite missions to study global warming." ...
www.nasawatch.com/ - Jun 5, 2007

Number 2...wow! 10.Jun.2007 02:27


UM.....Clatsop County doesn't get Federal Timber Payments and Tillamook only gets a few bucks.....
And....UM when did we run out of trees?
And...Uh David Wu is our Rep. Along with Betsy Johnson, Brad Witt, Debbie Boone...all Democ...oh nvrmnd.