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BULGARIA EU: Mass Criminal Collection of Pet Animals

Every year in Bulgaria hundred of thousands of cats and dogs are turned into victims of uncontrolled animal testing and source of cheap raw-material.
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Bulgaria EU

by Emil Kuzmanov

Concerning: Mass illegal traffic of companion animals

Dear Sir,

The illegal collection, traffic and trade of great amount of dogs and cats in Bulgaria had been concerning not only the area of animal control. These activities had turned into an organized criminal industry, protected by the official Bulgarian institutions.

The false stability of the both populations and the limitation of their quantity are due to the unobstructed traffic of animals. The unlimited home breeding produces hundreds of thousands of healthy pet animals every year. The grownups have been constantly collected by deceit, theft and illegal catching. There is neither excessive increase of the number of owned animals nor serious sheltering; there is no piling of old, fasting, ill animals of different generations in the streets and yards nor many events of dying of such animals outside.

Despite of all these facts, there is obvious lack of will from the ministers from the Bulgarian government and competent directors of the national services for any activities against the illegal traffic of companion animals. Meanwhile there is no statistic data for the breeding, trade, abandoning and stealing of pet animals in Bulgaria. The official institutions totally avoid to discuss this peculiar situation.

The interests of the mafia are supported by the lack of an official national policy in this area. The harmful amateur breeding is still encouraged. The pet lovers and the society as a whole are not informed and mislead about the real purpose of most of the steady bred animals - they are turned into victims of uncontrolled animal testing and source of cheap raw-material.

I turn to you with an urgent request to review the inadequate policy of the Bulgarian Government concerning the criminal traffic of companion animals and to initiate rapid activities for it's effective restriction.

I also insist that the Bulgarian Government must implement all the measures for legal pet control, included in Veterinary Act, European Commission's Regulation No 998/2003 and European Council's Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

I would like to thank you in advance and I' m waiting forward to your fast answer.

Emil Kuzmanov

The Animal Programs Foundation of Bulgaria
18 Yanko Sofiiski Voivoda Str, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

C.c.: Government of Bulgaria < GIS@government.bg>

C.c.: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Minister of European Affairs < mtsankova@mfa.government.bg>

C.c.: Parliamentary European Affairs Committee < kei@parliament.bg>

C.c.: Parliamentary Internal Security and Public Order Committee < kns@nt52.parliament.bg>

homepage: homepage: http://animalprograms.org
address: address: 18 Yanko Sofiiski Voivoda Str, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria