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Fidel lives, ha ha

not dead
Amid word that the Gusano community in Miami has rented out a major stadium in order to party on the supposedly imminent demise of Fidel Castro, comes the news that, well, he's doing just fine:


Okay, here comes the caveat: I don't like caudillismo particularly, I'm suspicious of vanguardism of any stripe, and I don't agree with everything Fidel ever did.

And here's the other side of that: This is a guy who responded faster than the US to Katrina, who has educated more doctors per capita than any other nation, who directed an alternative-green-organics revolution that feeds Cubans well despite a worldwide vicious siege-embargo by the United States--I could go on and on; lately he has eloquently exposed the attempts by ADM and other multinational food suppliers to gouge prices by raising fuel-only crops.

And after poisoned cigars, snipers, bombing attempts, and dozens of other assassination attempts, he's still alive. It makes me happy--gleeful, really. Take that, Cuba haters.