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Lone Vet Report

Two Events Have Shaken My Soul
Two events have shaken my soul, one the lack of support by the dems to de-fund the war, and the other the departure of Cindy Sheehan.

I believe that Cindy is one of our great heroes. She started out with a simple question, what noble cause did her son die for, Mr. President. She was never a politician, she does not count numbers on votes and change her position depending on the count---she does not care or worry about people who will support her, she just wants the madness to stop and so do I. Some dems have come out and criticized her for blasting the party, they deserve what she said and much more, they are playing politics with the lives of thousands of people. By September we will lose hundreds of Americans, the Iraqis will lose thousands. Sen. Reid seems to think that is OK as long as he can pick up more seats in the Senate. Speaker Pelosi voted against funding but would not stop the bill from going forward---she did this for political reasons because that is what she is, a politician. Cindy was not in this class, she just wanted to stop the knocks on the doors of more American families, and she wanted to stop the lunatic/sociopath in the White House. She knows that there is no treasure at the end of this rainbow, there is only death. She is my hero, Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi should resign as leaders of the Democratic Party.

I celebrated when we had the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives; I have been disappointed ever since that night. Will she resign out of respect for the voters who thought that this war would start to end, no!

Each night before I go to sleep I ask my family who have died in the last few years, "If you have any influence wherever you are, send us help down here, we are in such a mess."

I will continue to fight this madness; I will continue my protests, my letter writing, phone calls, and signing petitions to end this occupation of Iraq. I will continue to report on what the madman in the White House is doing to the military and veterans, because it has to be done---over and over again, this is a long fight.

I attended what I thought was going to be a discussion on the impeachment of Bush and his Dick. I was disappointed because it was more a lecture of why we should bring impeachment charges against Bush and Cheney. This Congress is not going to bring impeachment charges against the Prez or his boss. I wish them well, but worry that they will be disappointed in the dems. I hope I am wrong----but don't think so.

The good news, Congressman Blumenauer and Senator Wyden voted against the funding bill for the continuation of the occupation of Iraq----you can question their motives but it was a good vote.

The bad news, Sen. "Gorgon" Smith voted for more wars, as did Biden and about 38 other dems. This tough old vet just cried knowing how many more will die in the coming months and years.

Keep fighting, and

In peace and Hope,
Lone Vet

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