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Clackamas County DA-Miserable Failure

Well, once again, John Foote has succeeded in proving his ineptitude. He has failed to return a true bill for hate crimes in the case of Austin Greenwood, the red necked creep who was, according to witnesses and deputies, EXTREMELY belligerent, and shouting racial epithets even after he was arrested in Mulino last week.
This low life scum was so afraid that (his words)"some fat Mexican" might be "lookin at our women," that he, along with up to thirty other brave Amerikans, decided to kick, hit, and throw boulders at, two helpless latinos, who were quietly minding their own business, and just trying to enjoy a public area at the Molalla river. Every word out of his mouth was disparaging and threatening toward those of Latin extraction, which is the definition of hate crimes. Coupled with the fact that he took deadly action toward these individuals, I would think (though I am no lawyer) that even John Foote could obtain a true bill, but then, I remembered:
This same office was unable to obtain an indictment for ANYTHING, when two "law enforcement" officers from his county tortured, then murdered, the unarmed, naked, burned and injured Fouad Kaady.

It has often been said that any attorney worth his salt could obtain an indictment against a ham sandwich, if he so desired. Apparently 1) no one in Foote's office is worth his salt, 2)no one in his office gives a flying fuck, as long as the victims are tan, and/or 3) ham sandwiches are safe here.

For details concerning the non indictment, I have stolen a bit of a local fish wrapper's report:
"OREGON CITY, Ore. (AP) - A Clackamas County grand jury has declined to label an attack by teenagers on two Hispanic men a "hate crime" but the alleged leader of the attack was charged with assault.

Austin Greenwood, 18, of Oregon City, appeared in court Friday to also face criminal mischief charges.

Under Oregon law, an assault or criminal mischief becomes a hate crime when the motive is based on race, color, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

Some accounts of the May 24 attack on Edwin Gonzales, 28, and Alex Guzman, 26, both of Salem, suggest the motives were a mix of factors.

Law enforcement officials said alcohol, stupidity, immaturity and a pack mentality all fueled the incident.

And a Clackamas County prosecutor said the grand jury might have reached a similar conclusion.

"The grand jury did not return any indicted charges with regard to specifically race-related crimes," said deputy district attorney Scott Healy. "Based on the evidence, they must have felt that wasn't there. That's their decision."

Gonzales and Guzman told police they went to the park in the town of Mulino to drink beer and relax after working at a nearby lumber mill. Shortly before 11 p.m., they struck up a conversation with a couple of girls who were partying at the park with a large group of male teens.

At one point, Gonzales and Guzman left the park to buy more beer and the girls rode along. When they returned, as many as two dozen male teens jumped Gonzales and Guzman, who identified Greenwood as the ringleader.

According to police, the teens kicked, beat and pummeled the Hispanic men with large rocks while chanting, "Go back to Mexico."

The investigation is continuing, and more arrests are possible.

Laura Appleman, an assistant professor at Willamette University College of Law, said it's possible the attack was a matter of "very badly behaved teenagers who are also racist," circumstances that would not meet the legal standard for a hate crime.

"At this point, I don't think we have enough information to know whether this is a hate crime or just bad kids," she said."

I wonder-could there be something ELSE at work here? Could our intrepid DA have some relationship with the offensive puke, Mr. Greenwood? How else to explain this failure to perform the duties of the prosecutor? Mere incompetence would not satisfactorily explain it to me.

He has a history 03.Jun.2007 12:19


Clackamas County DA John Foote has a history. He continues to employ and support Deputy DA Al French
who was a Swift Boat Liar for Bush. (and to his boss about an extra-marital affair)




John Foote himself was the Deputy Director and Inspector General, Oregon Department of Corrections
( http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/nov72000/guide/np/foot.htm) at a time when there were numerous corruption allegations and contracting irregularities occurring at the Oregon Department of Corrections.(Note: if people would go back and investigate the storagehouse fires that destroyed non-exsisting inventory, they would get an idea of the extent of the coverup. But old timers are gone now} He also participated in the investigation of the murder of Michael Franke. Many people including Michael Franke's brother believe the real killer was never caught.

Swift Boat Liar for Bush  Al French
Swift Boat Liar for Bush Al French
 DA-Miserable Failure   John Foote
DA-Miserable Failure John Foote

Related Documents 09.Jun.2007 06:24

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

At that same link,  http://www.sos.state.or.us/ you can go to the file history for the governor's office. In the Neil Goldschmidt files, there are many pertaining to the aforementioned corruption, including District Attorneys, and if I recall, Foote was mentioned in at least one document, but I can't remember of the top which one it was.

At the very least, the documents regarding the Michael Francke murder and the DOC scandal, as well as the true origins and purpose of our sentencing guidelines, make for interesting reading.

Who knows what you could find by reading some of those "confidential" memos from governors past.