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Now the Sandy police have their very own copy of "28 Seconds"

More copies of the DVD "28 Seconds: The Killing of Fouad Kaady" were distributed in Sandy today.
This afternoon we packed up around 20 copies of this video and headed to Sandy. Though some had already been left at the library, we decided to stop there again. That is a perfect place for information dissemination. Since the library is right down the street from the police department, we took a look in that direction and saw a patrol car waiting outside. What a nice place to leave a DVD! We left one on the windshield and hope that it finds its way to the officer training program. Since Fred Meyer's got a good supply of the videos a week or so ago, we turned to Safeway and left several there. Slowly but surely the city of Sandy is learning the truth about what happened to Fouad Kaady.

so cool! 02.Jun.2007 22:55


This is a great ongoing action in Sandy. And you've built it up well with this latest donation. Thanks for the reporting; please continue to keep us up-to-date! Your example might spark some copy-cat intrigues.

Beautiful! 04.Jun.2007 01:24

you know who

Love you guys!

more 04.Jun.2007 14:29


Today we went to Wilsonville and left some in the library there and also in Costco.