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GERMANY: G8 Rostock Demo Rally Attacked by Police - Pics

Just after half past two when the march from the station was entering the harbour a scuffle broke out at the far end of the stadium area near the exit. Several police officers were dragging a man away while people around where trying to find out his name. The situation quickly escalated as more police were sent in to back up the others arresting the man. People were pushed back and then some sticks thrown at the police who responded with pepper spray. A wave of about 50 police followed a few seconds later, charging towards the crowd and was met with a hail of sticks and stones.
All in all for what was just about one arrest the situation very quickly got out of hand. The police repeatedly charged into the centre of the harbour area in squads of around 30 or so, and thus became surrounded by thousands of people... some might call it provocation.

At one point they were slowly pushed back out by a crowd of hundreds all with their arms raised above their heads, but then the police just turned around and charged back in again spraying people with pepper spray.

It was clear the crowd was prepared to protect itself from this police attack, but the police tactics just served to inflame the situation. Quite incredible given the march had passed off without incident.

Of course the harbour area was filled with tens of thousands of people and thousands more were still waiting to finish marching in. People stood amazed watching the police actions for at least one hour while they rushed back and forth along the edge of the harbour stadium area. There were at least many hundred riot police perhaps more involved in the main clashes.

It eventually subsided and people were able to get on with the rally / concert / chilling out, with the polcie witghdrawing, but it seems it's all started up again now and water canon and gas is being used... more later....

solidarity 02.Jun.2007 11:44


My question is this: will there be any sort of action in solidarity with the anti-g8 protests in Germany in Portland? I'd love to see that! I've been listening to the anti-g8 radio feed in German and they are saying their motto is : If they are going to globalize poverty, we are going to globalize protests!!! Will Portland show its solidarity?

Here's some pics from Rostock


 http://de.indymedia.org/2007/06/179924.shtml this article says that the police provoked the blac bloc.

Ironically, June 2 is the 40th anniversary of the murder of Benno Ohnsorg, which was the result of similar conditions and sparked the RAF to go underground.

The G8 Demonstrators are Doing a Great Job of Defending Themselves 03.Jun.2007 00:58


Last count- 433 officers have suffered injuries so far, and the conference has not even started. It sounds like around 80,000 already in the streets!!!


Looks like they have a running head start at shutting this global pirate convergence down!!!

Thank you G8 demonstrators, and be safe!!!

433 police injured, more than 500 proteters injured, 125 detained 03.Jun.2007 06:22


and this is what happened in Hamburg last week: 03.Jun.2007 06:25


pics, videos, and reports from Rostock: 03.Jun.2007 06:36



Pics from G8 Mass Demo in Rostock - 2nd June

G8 Rostock Demo Rally Attacked by Police - Pics and Report

Anti-G8 protest in Rostock, Germany, Saturday June 2, 2007

G8, Rostock, Gro▀demo Bericht und Fotos

Rostock: Zehntausende gegen G8

G8 DEMO IN ROSTOCK 02.06.2007

Pics from Anti-G8 demonstration in Rostock  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2007/06/372161.html

Erlebnissbericht Rostock + 47 Fotos

More pics of Rostock demo

Pics from anti-g8 in rostock

Black Bloc Turns Out in Force

ppictures from Rostok demo

Photos demonstration Rostock 2 Junes

[G8] Saluti da Rostock


Rostock, Germany, March Against G8 Video Rush  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2007/06/372283.html

Some videos of this first day... on the rock.

Black Block in Rostock Vermummung waerend demo 2. juni (de)  http://www.g8-tv.org/clip.php?clipId=1685

pics from rostock 03.Jun.2007 13:00



. 03.Jun.2007 13:05



. 03.Jun.2007 13:55



As long as they globalize poverty, we will globalize protest! 03.Jun.2007 14:53


The limits seem to have been reached. I will admit that I never understood the 'autonomen' in the past, but now I'm beginning to see that they have a point: can 'elections' produce significant change? Anyone who is honest will say "NO"! I've begun to respect the black bloc because they are willing to sacrifice ALOT for their convictions! Who else is willing to do that?

This is bigger than any concept of 'civility'. The global elite have declared war on all of us. Solidarity now. Globalize protest. Only together can we resist global fascists.

I will join all Portlanders and Cascadians in Solidarity with all anti-g8 protestors in Germany!

video and pictures from the riot in rostock / germany - g8 04.Jun.2007 06:12