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Support Rally for Latino men attacked by 20 white teenagers

Last Thursday, 20-30 white teenagers beat and threw stones at two Latino workers in the small town of Mulino. We are appalled and outraged at this racist, violent hate crime. Anti-immigrant sentiment has fueled countless other unreported violent acts against immigrant workers and families. Now is the time for us say no to hate and to fight for dignity and respect for all.
The anti-immigrant, anti-worker legislation being pushed in Congress is fueling hate crimes and vigilante violence in the streets (see  http://pcasc.net/nodeal/ to take action).

We urge you to join human dignity groups, the immigrant community, and allies in a Vigil Against Hate Crimes:

When: Sunday, June 3rd, at 6:00 pm
Where: Carnegie Center Park, 7th and Jefferson, in Oregon City.

Carpools from Portland at 5:15pm. Bring your car if you have one.
from North Portland: Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St.)
from Southeast Portland: 2222 SE Caruthers

In case of rain, the vigil will move across the street to Atkinson
Memorial Church.

This vigil is sponsored, so far, by Rural Organizing Project,
Atkinson Memorial Church, Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition, and
the Coalition Against Hate Crimes.

For more information contact : Cara Shufelt at the Rural Organizing
Project -  cara@rop.org

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D.A.does not consider this a hate crime 03.Jun.2007 06:14


I am not sure if everyone has seen this recent posting regarding the lack of true bill or indictment. Please read this posting for more information:

We are going anyway 03.Jun.2007 08:27

DA's stupidity notwithstanding

This was a hate crime. When the mob screamed "Go back to Mexico" I think that about cinched it, don't you?

Thanks 03.Jun.2007 08:57

for the link

That is terrible that is comes up as not a hate crime. The kid even continued shouting racist slurs when he was in custody.

How can it be that if the attack was "by bad teenagers who also happen to be racist" that that is not a hate crime? If a person is identified/admits to being racist, wouldn't it seem one must PROVE that their actions were NOT motivated by the racism within them? Because if one is racist that is not a seperate part of oneself- everything that person does is because of/in light of/in spite of that belief, and therefore, attacking men of a different race CANNOT be claimed to have been done out of "badness" instead of "racism." Thus, the hate crime.

I also wonder why we don't see listed the MIP, since they are trying to blame the attack on alcohol and Greenwood is 18 and the mob is continually referred to as teenagers?

Age references 03.Jun.2007 12:52


I notice this frequently in the media:

18-19 yo male criminals that are Poor White, Black or Latino are referred to as MEN.
18-19 yo male criminals that are middle to upper class White and from the burbs are
referred to as TEENS.

18-19 yo victims of all races are almost universally referred to as TEENS,
rarely MEN or WOMEN.