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Goldman Sachs White House Appoints Another Of Its Own To World Bank

Henry Paulson, Josh Bolten, Robert Zoellick, Jon Corzine, and Robert Rubin consider the US government the operating branch of Goldman Sachs 5 of the Goldman Sachs White House
Goldman Sachs operative to head World Bank


A Wall St. firm which helped trigger
the crash of 1929* continues
leaving a trail of blood.

5 Goldman Sachs men in government

A Goldman Sachs operative, Robert Zoellick, who has worked for G H W
Bush and James Baker, partners in
the war profiteering Carlyle Group, will
head the World Bank. Recently he
had left the position of number 2 man
at the Condoleezza Rice headed
State Dept. to join Goldman Sachs.

Other Goldman Sachs operatives
are Henry Paulson, Secretary of
the Treasury, Joshua Bolten, White
House Chief of Staff, Gov Corzine
of NJ. Paulson and Corzine
are former CEO's.

Paulson further destroyed Nature
Conservancy tracts by introducing
cattle to them, multiplying animal agony and
furthering the deforestation which is the prime cause of global warming.
Texas Pacific and Goldman Sachs
have interlocking connections to
Burger King. Are the Nature Conservancy cows ending up
on BK plates?

Goldman Sachs is invested in
many war profiteer, anti environment
and animal slaughter concerns.

A former US Secretary of the Treasury,
Robert Rubin, was part of a campaign
with Jeffrey Sachs and others to
destabilize the Russian economy
and plunge millions into poverty.
He had worked 26 years at Goldman
Sachs and was appointed by Clinton.

The Goldman Sachs government
is profitable for its investors. A
group led by Goldman Sachs won from the government the right to manage 817.5 million in Banco Union loans.

Many antiwar, environment, world hunger, animal rights and other activists have been working to have their
state retirement, Social Security, private pension and mutual
funds disinvested from war, earth destruction and animal slaughter. CALPERS, Ohio and many
other state funds are invested in Tyson's, McDonald's etc.


Former president and chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the US, Kenneth D. Brody; chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and former director of the National Economic Council, Stephen Friedman; Reagan Deputy Secretary of State, John C. Whitehead; and Reagan Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Robert Hormats. Goldman Sachs' graduate James Johnson served as president and CEO of quasi-government housing lender Fannie Mae.


"In Goldman Sachs we trust," was the title of one of the chapters of John Kenneth Galbraith's The Great Crash, his account of the crooked dealings that triggered the great stock market bust of the 1920s. The source for the
above paragraph is
an Independent.co.uk article

Sidney J. Weinberg joined Goldman Sachs in 1907 and became Senior Partner in 1930, a position that he held until his death in 1969. During those 39 years, he served as an advisor to five U.S. Presidents.

John C. Whitehead joined the firm in 1947 and became Senior Partner in 1976. Upon his retirement in 1983, he was appointed U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for the United States.



Corporate scandal continues to fill headlines following the Wall Street scandal involving the nation's top firms like Goldman Sachs. Now, Goldman Sachs stock fraud lawsuits have been filed as angry investors are seeking justice. A $1.4 billion penalty was imposed on Goldman Sachs and nine other top investment banks in an aggressive SEC move to reform Wall Street practices.


A Harvard College graduate, along with a colleague at Goldman Sachs, was arrested Tuesday for insider trading, a scheme that allegedly earned them around $6.7 million.

Eugene M. Plotkin '00, an associate in Goldman Sachs' bond research department, and David Pajcin, a former Goldman Sachs bond analyst, have been charged with illicitly soliciting information on Wall Street deals from an analyst and recruiting an individual to leak copies of a business news magazine.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon dismissed all allegations against Goldman Sachs. Shareholders of Fannie Mae had accused Goldman Sachs of arranging deals that allowed Fannie Mae to shift more than $107 million in earnings into future years without properly informing investors.

Goldman Sachs has always suggested
purchase of McDonald's.

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News calls
this government by war profiteers
and for war profiteers 'public service'.

Co-op America helps find places for ethical investors

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