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Looking for witnessnes /video of March 18th arrest

Need video and witnesses of March 18th rally arrest.
If anyone witnesses JohhnyB (tall, bald, man with glasses, marching with the bloc)get peppersprayed by 10th and Yamhill or see his arrest across from the Justice center at jail support three hours later, please e-mail. He goes to court on June 8th and we are in need of witness testimony before that date. Video would be even better.

He is currently charged with: Criminal Mischief 1, Criminal Mischief 3, attempted assault on a police officer, assault on a police officer, and interfering with a peacetime officer. At least that's what his charges are this week, they keep changing them.

Thanks for your continued support,
Friends of JohhnyB


Sorry 01.Jun.2007 19:10


You probably know this but there was a really good video of him being peppersprayed (you could see all three streams, could see that he wasn't moving, etc) which was posted here after the protest. However I can't find that thread right now. I think the video was taken by channel 12, or maybe 8. It was listed as such on here. It had been taken from in front of the marchers from high up and was really good.

There's also several youtube videos which you probably also already have. Let me know if you need links.

Sorry I was unable to find that good video, try contacting the media stations.

Channel 12 blahs 01.Jun.2007 23:00


I tried to find the article on IMC w/ the video link to channel 12 that clearly shows the view from the Smart Park across the street/ I've also tried to find it on Channel 12 archives, but no luck so far finding it on either.
Come on peoples, I know we weren't the only ones at the Justice Center to witness the arrest or the pigs attacking with chemical spray.

The UTube does show some of the pepperspray attacks, but not of this arrestee.

Thanks for all of the support, folks, please send anything you have pertaining to the arrest or spraying of JohnnyB to  hissboombang@riseup.net