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pdx911truth \\ wtc7 // web radio : Webster TARPLEY SHREADS Rudolph GIULIANI

Webster Tarpley's May 31st WASHINGTON WRAPUP for the gcnWorldReport "Tarpley rips Giuliani a new one" --Rolling Stoned ... as Aunt Matilda would have phrased it "humpf ... Rudolph Giuliani ... NASTY bit of work ..."
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hour one mp3Webster Tarpley shreads Rudolph Giuliani

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I gave up on the MP3 01.Jun.2007 19:26


I made it through about 19 minutes of the MP3, which consisted of a slew of unsupported smears, many of them very nasty, and several show ID breaks.

Divisive and hyperbolic- like Bazaro Limbaugh.

Not helpful to the 9/11 truth movement, in my opinion.