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To Chavez, Lula, Requião and Carlos Rovira.

Remote enawene nawe are only 420 and live mainly on the fishing. They are protesting against the plans of the soybean companies, directed by the greater producers of soybean of the world, the Maggi family, to dam the Juruena river and to obtain hydroelectric energy for the industry.
To Chavez, Lula, Requião and Carlos Rovira.

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The topographical and geologic characteristics of the land in Brazilian Amazon region act as a lawyer vehemently against the construction of barrages for the production of hidro-electric energy. Preponderantly plain and formed for alluvium, the territorial conformation of the region imposes the construction of very extensive barrages, that compromise immense sectors of forest, jumping to the eyes, for example, that the ambient damage would be very lesser with termal-electricity, that however, must equally be discarded, since our proposal is of closing the Amazon region for deleterious productive activities to the forest environment.

According to Miguel Angel del Ser, of Survival-International, six indigenous cultures, including isolated enawene nawe, face the perspective of 11 barrages that are being constructed throughout the course of the Juruena river, that crosses their territory. At the same time an old plan of construction of five great barrages along the Xingu river has been reactivated and will threaten the way of life of 18 different indigenous cultures from the region. The original plan was filed in 1989 after a massive international protest.

Remote enawene nawe are only 420 and live mainly on the fishing. They are protesting against the plans of the soybean companies, directed by the greater producers of soybean of the world, the Maggi family, to dam the Juruena river and to obtain hydroelectric energy for the industry.

If were not enough all those local threats we mentioned here on the Amazon and other forests of Earth, it weighs on them and on we all this hiper-threat that is global heating.

Do have a look at this gorgeous map of Greenpeace!

 link to www.greenpeace.org

It's not enough the soy that advances, wood that is extracted, cattle that invades the forest, ore contraband and "the humanitarian and ecological" NGOs that do "bio-piracy" ...We also have the terrifying threat of forests becoming deserts, of erosion of the coasts, increase of temperatures and others "kid games" of equivalent bore.

Kioto and credits of carbon to the part, it's very clear that the solution will not come by this way. The cause of the terrible problem is connected to the stage of development of the productive forces in global scale and to the applied technologies.

I would like to be able to make here, with some certainty, also an appeal to George W. Bush and to the men and women who today command the industrialized countries and the effectively emergent nations in production as China and India.

It is difficult because in these nations who is in the power today are exactly the oil, the armament and the finance. The consumption properly and so criticized, already is not in the center of the process even so continues having connection with pollution and heating: to this stage of development of the productive forces corresponds another one, of political power, where great national states are completely captive, financing the war and/or paying interests deliriously.

What more pollutant than modern armaments? Beyond demanding substances the most diverse, sophisticated, rare and in great amount, when applied on innocent populations as it has been the case, they also provoke the most tenebrous types of pollution, irreversible, in the nuclear case, that is each time but a hypothesis.

The government of the United States, for example, alienates billions, of contributors, in the acquisition of armaments that do not go to enter properly in a consumption relation. The consumers, by the way, do not have no influence or control on this "market".

How "to move" today the preponderant technological matrix in the U.S.A. or the United kingdom, China or Russia? History does not point at least an only case, that could loan us any hope, of civilization that had the capacity to correct its proper routes before the final disaster.

On U.S.A.: The Christian Science Monitor, important periodical in that country, published an article last week alerting to the damages caused by the plantation of GMOs Bt. It calculates that, because of the plantation of GMOs Bt, 50% 90% of the bees that feed themselves of the pollen of the flowers, have disappeared in U.S.A., only in the last year. As consequence of this fact, they had the loss of 66% of the American national production of honey. We are talking about nothing less than 14 billion dollar annually!

I add, still, that Brazil is the greater producer of honey in all Latin America. Moreover, more important it is that we are world-wide the greater producer of nourishing cultures, that depend on pollenization by insects, as orange and other citric plants. We are destroying our environment and ecosystems, and walking blind to a catastrophe that does not have end, when yielding to the pressure of the multinationals producers of GMOs Bt.

What intimidates us today is the apocalyptic and without precedents dimension of the disaster in progress, already really happening, just ahead of our astonished eyes.

There are, however, some new and original phenomena, as the proper Internet and this enormous amount of citizens, who engage themselves (ourselves) through it and participate of the most different processes, modifying some times the correlation of forces for unexpected or surprising results.

Who knows we obtain it together, "working hard" and exchanging information, facing all the complexity, risk and responsibility of the historical processes, to introduce a culture that values life and peace and get to surpass this destructive superiority of this culture of the accumulation above all and no matter how.

Meanwhile and turning our eyes toward our glorious and under-steemed South America, we ask to Hugo Chávez and to Luis Inácio Lula da Silva  http://savetheamazonpictures.blogspot.com/ , leaders of the main republics of the fabulous Amazonian region , that "they do close" the Amazon for deleterious phenomena mentioned above, thus presenting the concrete example to the other leaders of the region. There are other places to plant trees for industrial use, as for all the others related and tolerable activities.

CNBB, with its Campaign of Fraternity 2007, has been making a great work in defense of the Amazon, but we really need that the authorities do get involved.

Governor Roberto Requião,  http://savetheamazonpictures.blogspot.com/ of southern state of Paraná, in Brazil, supports concrete experimentations of noble and valued substance extration of the biomass, in the mark of legislation that authorizes only the use of the material knocked down for the proper forest, in its cycle of annual renewal (about 20%), always and when the forest is being expanded and the local animal species, reintroduced.

The importance of these experimentations for the affirmation of a new technological matrix is completely clear. It is the way for the green and productive world that we are searching. The construction of a culture that considers alternatives to the exaggerated consumption passes by there.

About governor Carlos Rovira,  http://savetheamazonpictures.blogspot.com/ , of the Argentinian province of Misiones: There, between the reserves of Yaboti and of Urugua-i stands the last great population of Araucária Angustifolia, lady of the forest with Araucária, mother of the nut, in the past so spread and important in the south of the subcontinent.

What we do ask to governor Rovira is the creation of the great reserve of the Araucárias, private and also public, with about 500.000 hectares, from which we would like to recommence the empire of the Araucárias, extending it again for all its vast past region.

 link to www.wwf.org.br
Sailing until the address above, you will find, to the right and under of the virtual page, the access to the pdf of the WWF, very well elaborated, on the region, in Portuguese, English and Spaniard. We want to make in the place a first experience of untouched reserve with respectful exploitation, in permanent expansion, that later can be taken to other regions of the world and would like to count in this, also with the support of president  http://savetheamazonpictures.blogspot.com/ Kirchner.

Thanks a lot,

Emilio de Lima.

Save the Amazon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.savetheamazon.blogspot.com