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Please don't discuss Green Scare defendants prior to their sentencing

Discussing defendants on Indymedia has been cited in court by the prosecutor as a reason these people are dangerous. Comments here could potentially affect how the judge sentences the defendants with hearings coming up in the next couple weeks. Please don't put the defendants at risk by posting about them here until after the last person is sentenced on June 5.
This request is based on real dialogues between the judge and prosecutor in the Green Scare cases. I want to thank Indymedia for promptly removing two recent posts that could have been used for the benefit of the prosecution. I'm not blaming anyone who posted them--it might have been the government for all I know--but I am grateful they were removed.

I know many of us have very strong feelings about these cases. As a friend of one of the noncooperating defendants, I urge you to wait to share your feelings until after the last defendant is sentenced on June 5. Thank you.