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PDX IMC g8 Crew hits Rostock

Yesterday afternoon the McKinley Brigade hit Rostock, arriving at the current headquarters for the mobilization against the g8 and taking a break to bring this report to you.
Spirits are high at the hotel campinski, a long-abandoned school in Eastern Rostock. Every day more people arrive and every day people move from Campinski to the camps to provide more room for others and to plug into the actions. The 3 camps are all nearly set up: Camp Rostock, only 2 or 3 km from the school we are in is the furthest from being ready, so tomorrow we set out to that camp to help set up, to report, and to follow and participate in any action. From there it is our plan to commute to the closest camp to the fence, Camp Reddelich, with its Queer Barrio, which claims to be putting the 'camp' back in camp Reddelich. Sorry about the brief nature of the post... I'm using a french keyboard right now, which my hands refuse to adjust to.

For more in-depth info on the trip, my personal trip-blog is  http://mckinleybrigade.blogspot.com

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