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Attack on Hispanics in Mulino

Racial attack in Mulino.
A mob of men attacked two Hispanic men at Wagon Wheel Park in Mulino last Thursday night. Edwin Alfonzo Gonzales and Alex Bivian Guzman left their work at the RSG lumber products company near Molalla, and stopped at the park on their way home. Twenty to thirty "white men" (corp media description) began pelting Guzman and Gonzales with big river rocks, shouting racial slurs and telling the men to "Go back to Mexico!" Then the car which belonged to one of the Hispanic men was attacked, windows being broken out and doors kicked in. Guzman and Gonzales feared for their lives. One man has been arrested.

Thanks for posting this 27.May.2007 09:32


I have been out to that area. It's really a red-kneck haven, full of shithead ex-loggers with nothing much to think about other than how awful everyone in the world other than themselves are. Gay people, black people, mexican people, people from portland... they despise them all. One thing, though. If there were 30 of them (as there often are out there, as that's a favorite haunt for beer swilling, tall-tale spewing parties), then that is certainly not a fair fight. Perhaps a counter action might be in order? Anyone want to go to Mulino and have a chat? Maybe set out some fliers? I have a car that fits four people other than myself. I would be willing to drive some people out. Anyone else?

Hang Em High 27.May.2007 09:36


I hope these punks get the maximum sentences available. And I hope the Hispanic community realizes that most of us whites are not hateful or racist. That being said , I am surprised at how many racist Oregonians there are. I used to live in Alabama ..I remember the high school would let the KKK hold rallies on their football field. This was in the early 70s ! I appreciated the attitudes in Oregon ..mutual respect , tolerance , etc..but lately , groups like the OIR and other thinly disguised hate groups have caused many of us to become racist (though most would not admit it) We need to examine ourselves and quit justifying hatred.

Asshats! 27.May.2007 12:33


This whole immigration deal is mostly fueled by racists. Using the "taking our jobs away" is just a cover. I can guarantee the yahoos in this instance likely hate every other person that doesn't look or act like them.

I live there 27.May.2007 13:23


I have a Molalla address and live less than 3 miles from Wagon Wheel Park (oddly, that isn't actually a park but more of a dirt road in an overgrown field... not sure where this actual incident took place, more likely a mile or so away by the river at a big parking lot where groups often converge).

It is a disgusting area. I am queer-identified and have been run off the road before, honked at and flipped off frequently, I assume because of my bumper stickers (both queer and anti-war).

But there is still some good. A lady came up to me in a parking lot in Molalla and told me she loved my bumper stickers and I was 'brave,' and she agreed with them- not sure if she meant the queer or the anti-war (or all).
My closest neighbors, real rednecks, very conservative pro-war folk, are some of the first to defend everyone's right to love who they wish (in my presence at least). Of course they say things like, "Not that I ever would, but ya'know, if someone else wants to that's fine, as long as it's not pressed onto me...." Well, it's not a perfect attitude, but it's a start. Better than it was a few years ago when my partner and I pretended to let them set us up with single guys they knew.

Molalla High School started a GSA (gay-straight alliance) over the last few months. Many parents complained, letters to the editor were plenty, a hearing was held but the school board upheld the student's constitutional right to form their club. I was proud of the students and of the community members who stuck up for them.

This kind of thing is why I go to school and work in Portland.... the only way I can live out here is because I spend much of my time inside the liberal bubble.

I would support any counter-action people want to take over the racial incident but will also warn that Molalla is outside the bubble which is Portland and an action WILL encounter more hate than one would imagine.... someone with more organizing experience than I should think about the possible after-affects of an action, such as the potential of an action to motivate those who otherwise wouldn't care (or who don't even know of this incident) to do negative things.

another who lives in uncharted territory 27.May.2007 14:37


I can certainly concur with what legendline said, since I too live out near the "park". When I moved here, I had no idea how conservative the neighbors were, having come from an area that was not conservative at all. I did not see the signs until it was too late. There have been few problems in my neighborhood, but rumblings from time-to-time caused me to wonder what might happen if too many people out here were pressed or if their masculinity was questioned in any way. This incident at Wagon Wheel is very disturbing indeed, because I know it is not going to stop there. Those folks are not going to wake up tomorrow and realize that alcohol went to their heads, making them turn into something they were not. No. Drinking and partying loosened what they really are and they will gather strength from buddies who heard about what happened and want to carry it forward. Lines are being drawn. I am afraid that no amount of "education" is going to smooth this over. The current tensions set up by racist governmental 'officials' have precipitated a temperament that is very frightening. I can see the old "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality gaining ground out here in the hinterlands.

Then for the sake of all 27.May.2007 16:39

An Old Guy

SOMEONE start talking about how there is only an us, not a them! Most of us are decent folks who would not go out of the way to harm another and those who actually perpetrated the violence were few. I think it was absence of anyone willing to step forward to stop the crime that made this possible and we ought to step forward to show that we think they made the wrong choice. One drunk 18 year old kid could not have done this by himself and if people had just told him to go to hell there would not have been an incident at all, just a jerk shooting his mouth off. Let's not brand a whole community with the crimes of a few or start assuming that racism is the dominant dynamic in that community- yet. Do not make the mistake of engaging anyone as an enemy without clear reason; friends are not too easy to get, really easy to lose and hell to do without....

Hopeful, but... 27.May.2007 19:47


You are right, oldtimer, we should not denounce an entire community for the horrible actions of a few. The actual number of people in 'the mob' has not been proven, but there were at least 10 or 15. I don't know who gave the officers an estimate of the number. If Guzman and Gonzales, it would be easy to understand that the number would be greater than if it was a bystander. The point, though, was made that NO ONE tried to stop this action. No one stepped up to say that this was wrong. It was a mob action.

Our Observations 28.May.2007 09:10

V & G

We put this sign up about 4 miles from Molalla on Hwy 211 at a busy intersection...it has been up for nearly 3 weeks now. It could easily be torn down as have some of our earlier signs , but this one is still up. Rural doesnt always mean redneck !

Does anyone know how we could reach the men who were attacked? 31.May.2007 08:29

want to do something

I would like to send some flowers or something to the people who were attacked. Something to let them know they have the support of the community, despite what those asses did to them. I don't want anyone to post their home address or anything, for obvious reasons, but if someone knows the address of the mill where they work or something, maybe we could send good thoughts there?