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Counter the Convergence Northwest 2007 conference

Voices for Middle East Justice is a coalition of individuals who advocate for a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis based on equality, human rights, and international law, and who oppose and reprove any efforts to influence United States public policy that deny or ignore the disproportionate violence that Israelis inflict upon Palestinians.
We will peacefully counter the Convergence Northwest 2007 conference in Vancouver, WA. Conference organizers plan a two day meeting in June merging US, Israel and terrorism political agendas, and featuring Israeli Knesset speakers from the Likud party, including Netanyahu. The Likud platform states that there shall be no Palestinian state within historic Palestine and that the land and settlements are the Jewish peoples' "unquestionable right."

This conference is presenting only the most extremist and militarist voices in Israel, and not the voices of peace in that country. In seeking to shape the opinions of religious leaders and influence our federal government (the stated goals of the conference) with these extreme views, the conference is contrary to our foreign policy needs in the world today and the desperate need for peace in the Middle East. We hope to provide attendees and the public in general with vital but missing parts to the picture that will likely be painted at the conference: the biographies of these speakers and the extremist roles they play in Israeli society and politics.

Please join us in downtown Vancouver:

  • Tuesday June 5th - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Sidewalk signs at entrances to the Vancouver Hilton
  • Wednesday June 6th - 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Memorial vigil in Esther Short Park to read the names of the 1045 Palestinian and Israeli children killed from September 2000 to March 2007
  • Thursday June 7th - 7:30 -11:00 am. Sidewalk signs at entrances to Vancouver Hilton/Esther Short Park

And in Portland:

Sunday June 10th - 12:00 noon. The World Says NO to 40 Years of Israeli Occupation. Holladay Park, south of Lloyd Center.

Endorsed by: Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Friends of Sabeel - North America, 40/60 Committee of AUPHR, Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project, Olympia Friends Meeting (Quakers), Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, West Hills Friends Peace Committee, Vancouver for Peace, Jews for Global Justice, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land - A Witness of Central Lutheran Church, Portland.

For more information, go to: Democracy For Vancouver

For more background on the unjust occupation and violation of international law by Israel, and to find out about other planned events for the June Global Week of Action against the Occupation, see: 40 years is enough
International Middle East Media Center
The 40 + 60 campaign

To find out about Freedom Summer, 2007, an international campaign to oppose the occupation and expulsion of Palestinians from Israel and Palestine, visit the International Solidarity Movement website and consider getting involved!

another event 26.May.2007 06:54


I also heard on KBOO yesterday that there is a plan to oppose the "march of shame" as it has been dubbed, to bear witness, as some of our legislators attend some benefit dinner to support some group (maybe this one?) that has as one of it's intentions, to completely remove all Palestinians from Israel who are now living in Israel; They are having a benefit dinner at the Portland Hilton on Sunday evening June 3rd; I think the start-time is 5 or 6pm till 8pm (??)

Does anyone know anything more about that or if there is contact info about that planned protest of those in our legislature that would support a group that has this agenda?

If you know more about this, please post that info!!