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slap happy

therapy for Democrats and others
Now that the Republicans and the Democrats have agreed that $100 billion additional in tax money should go to continue the torture and occupation of Iraq, I'd like to slap someone.

I'll start with myself. I thought that, even though Democrats have been disgusting collaborationists in the past and especially so in the last few years, they would be emboldened to some sort of minor resistance. Or, at least, they would leave in the provision preventing war with Iran without provocation.

Silly me! Wake up! SLAP!

As a public service, now that I've practiced on myself, I could have members of the public line up, say in front of KBOO, and give me their favorite illusion about how the war was going to turn around.

And then I'd slap them.

"I thought that, since the election went to the Dems even in the course of vote caging, vote spoilage fraud, voting machine swaps, and outright electronic vote reversals, the Democrats would take courage, at what was obviously a landslide against the war."

SLAP! Next!

"I thought enough Republicans would get utterly disgusted with the carnage, see the light, and then turn against the war—"

SLAP! Next!

"Well, after the revelations of torture at Abu Ghraib and the disgusting conditions of Guantanamo, surely there would be bipartisan backlash...

SLAP! Next!

This could be good exercise for me, and good therapy for everyone else, don't you think? I'll bet so many need this, that I could charge $5 per slap, on a first-come first-served basis. Or it could be $25 for a local house call. Just a public service here.

"Those thirty-odd tons of $100 bills that were delivered and "lost" to the Iraqi occupation government contractors, no one would support the war after that!"

SLAP! Next!

"The unbelievable way the President keeps implying that 9/11 had to do with Iraq, people would get so tired of that by now that the Congress would have to do something."

SLAP! Next!

"The news media should take a hint from the American public, and start actually reporting on all the bombing, so that people would oppose it, like after that photo of the burning naked girl in Vietnam—"

SLAP! Next!

Sy Hersh reported on the rapes in Abu Ghraib—no Congress person could support the war after that."

SLAP! Next!

"Congress can surely see by now that they have to go to balls-to-the-wall confrontation with the maniac Neocons, or else be buried by them."

SLAP! Next! Next in line, please. Turn your face a little to the left. That's right, hold still please, thank you.

almost no one 26.May.2007 13:27


almost no one in public office gives a shit. they get paid for pretending they do. so they pretend, though often not well. the only thing they're really interested is their specific place in the machine.

A few possible exceptions are dennis kucinich, ron paul and cynthia mckinney.