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animal rights

Last Schumacher Furs Saturday protest tomorrow (slight time change)

As I'm sure most people know that after 112 years (maybe 113 by now) of selling fur in Portland Schumacher's is going out of business and closing at the end of this month. The last day of Saturday outreach will be tomorrow afternoon.
A slight change from previous weeks, instead of meeting at 1:00 we will meet at 2:30. The end time will still be 5:00 or whenever they close for the day. Please join us for the entire 2.5 hours, or a few minutes or just to stop and say hello.

As far as the rest of the week prior to and including Thursday, May 31, I'm not aware of any plans to gather at the corner of SW 9th & Morrison during the week but anything is possible.

hoping they leave 25.May.2007 18:43

but wondering if they will

i believe the schumacher store will be closing, as promised, but i encourage everyone involved in the demonstrations to make sure the schumachers do not get away with a couple of fur-protest-free days/weeks before closing and moving out.

oh, and, CONGRATULATIONS for running this blood hungry business out of existence!!

missed the grand finale 28.May.2007 10:53

worker bee

was intending to attend this final(?) event but was called into work. bummer. can someone relay the days' events for those of us not able to bid our farewells to the Schumachers. anything else planned?