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Letter to Sen. Wyden and Congressman Blumenauer

Broken Heart
Open Letter to Sen. Wyden and Congressman Blumenauer:

The leadership of the Democratic Party has broken my heart. I am aware that both of you voted against this funding and I thank you for your actions. The Bush Administration has won another battle with Congress concerning the end of the occupation of Iraq.

I call our actions in Iraq an occupation because that is what we are doing; the war has been over for years. You can take your pick of a time when we won this war---was it when Saddam's army was defeated, was it when we tried and hung the tyrant, or was it when a new government was formed? The war is over!

Bush is a personal coward along with his boss, the Dick. Both hid when it was their turn to serve in a war zone, but what happened to the democrats in the House of Representatives and our Senate? Sen. Reid, what are you thinking? Please tell me that you are sacrificing thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis for some noble cause! Please tell me sir, why did you do this to the Democratic Party? House Speaker Pelosi, why---please tell us why you let this happen and then voted against the bill you allowed to go forward? I don't understand!

Americans are being arrested here in Portland, Oregon and around the country trying to stop this madness; they are suffering the loss of their liberties, going before a judge and being punished for civil disobedience. People are willing to go to jail to stop the murderers in the White House and you two leaders are afraid of what? Please tell me there is something I am missing! I believe both of you should resign your leadership positions today; you have disgraced the very values of the Democratic Party.

Sen. Wyden and Representative Blumenauer---you must do more! This madness must stop! There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, only more and more destruction and death. Stop it!

In Peace and Hope,
Joseph Walsh
Lone Vet--Portland, Or.
USN 1962-71

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