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Wilson H.S. peace sign planter: "..you're teaching us to silence our voices"

Wilson High School students planted marigolds in the shape of a peace sign on school property. The only one to confess is facing severe consequences.
Maggie Collins (image lifted from corp. media)
Maggie Collins (image lifted from corp. media)
The peace sign (image lifted from corp. media)
The peace sign (image lifted from corp. media)
An amazing peace sign made of marigolds popped up at Wilson High School recently. School officials claim that they don't object to the message of peace (yeah, right), just the "damage" to the grounds.

One student, senior Maggie Collins, has admitted to taking part in the planting. She now faces consequences which could prevent her from gaining admission to college. She will be expected to pay for damages or repair the grounds before receiving her diploma or transcripts.

Collins is planning a work party this weekend to patch things up (so to speak) at Wilson H.S. this Saturday.

"I think it's sad that we're living in a society right now where you're teaching us to silence our voices," she said.

Glad the students did this. 25.May.2007 02:46


This is a much better "Senior Prank" than the usual "Class of XX" spray painted on the street, billboard or water tower. This took imagination, planning and logistical support. Good on Maggie Collins for stepping up and taking credit. The others should do the same, be proud of what you did.

It is unfortunate the peace sign will have to be removed but there is another that is permanent, at the Peace Memorial Park.


While the Seniors at Wilson were putting in their peace sign, volunteers and members of Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 were replanting the Peace Park's 75 foot peace sign.


Satellite view

The MSM (except KOIN) of course did not report the replanting

For those interested

Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 1:00 pm

We're having a Peace Picnic

The public is invited to join us for an afternoon of music and Peace at the newly planted Peace Park. This is an opportunity to enjoy a Memorial Day free of militarism and the usual patriotic rhetoric. A day to reflect on the costs of war and the tireless efforts of those who strive to bring Peace back into the national dialog. While Memorial Day is traditionally observed to remember the service men and women who perished in war, Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 and the Peace Memorial Park Foundation of Portland, Oregon founded the Peace Memorial Park as a place: Dedicated to the memory of all people everywhere who have ever perished in warfare, in the hope that like-minded people will join with its sponsors and creators in the effort to put an end to war so that humankind can live in peace.

Bring your picnic and a blanket or chairs and enjoy a day of peace.

Peace Memorial Park home

I will be speaking to a class at Wilson on Tuesday and will bring this up for discussion.

When is the work party? 25.May.2007 04:36

I will come

and bring some tools
I think we all should
Shame the school with our numbers
Make them think of
how small minded they are
as we help our sister
in peace

Call Wilson HS. 25.May.2007 07:50


Ask for the time and date for us all to appear at their school to help this patriot (Matriot?) with the "clean up." Their number is (503) 916-5280
Enough calls, maybe they will understand that it is not about their petty empire, and that this young woman has received a far better education than the one that they are supposed to be providing. Good on her!

Saturday, at 11:00 a.m. 25.May.2007 07:59


As mentioned above, I called the school, and spoke with the Principal's secretary, Cathy. She said their will be a "small group" doing the cleanup on Saturday at eleven..CAN WE PROVE HER WRONG about the size of the group?
I informed her that I was appalled and disgusted that when a child, or children demonstrate that they have somehow received more education than the school is willing or able to dispense, that they should be punished. They should be praised. While we are all wringing our hands over what the moron and his millionaire friends have done to our planet, she and her friends have at least accomplished something!
Just because I have called and provided the time and date is no reason that as many folks as possible should not do the same. Let's show support for a comrade!

m 25.May.2007 08:46


where is it?

I called Wilson, and here is what they said. 25.May.2007 08:47

Portland Citizen

I called the school and registered my dismay that they would punish a child because of this. The woman at the other end of the line was very short with me. I asked whether there was a way in which people from the community could let the school know that we are in support of this young woman. I was told that I could "come to the cleanup on Saturday, to help repair the damage."

"Damage?" I asked. "It's a peace sign. Made out of flowers. It's beautiful. It sounds more like a garden to me, not 'damage.'"

She said it's not a garden, it's in a courtyard where the kids play frisbee, and it's damage. I politely disagreed. She then reiterated, "it's in a courtyard and now we have 6 inch trenches of dirt and the kids are going to break their ankles playing frisbee now." What?!

"They're going to break their ankles... on marigolds?" I asked.

"The marigolds are all going to die, and then we're just going to have trenches of dirt, and then they will break their ankles," she replied. Seemed a little hyperbolic to me. I asked to speak with the principal, but was told she was busy.

Well, far be it for political awareness and a sense of conscience to interfere with a game of frisbee, after all. It's only an institution of higher learning. Not... a place to learn anything.

urp 25.May.2007 10:47


yes, it would not do to have the ground have variations in it. It must be perfectly level otherwise there will be a rash of broken ankles. The rising of totalitarian tendencies in this country has some huge examples, but it also has so many smaller ones like this.

location 25.May.2007 12:00


1151 SW Vermont St
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 916-5280
Get directions

another posting 25.May.2007 16:26


Interesting 25.May.2007 17:52


That this school has a military recruiting ad and link on their official web site. They probably were not counting on free speech coming to their campus.
Let's all be there tomorrow!

A sad Contrast 25.May.2007 20:34


I live near Grant HS. Some of the Grant Seniors have painted large parts of several streets. They also blocaded these streets with stolen hiway barriers, detour signs and yellow tape. No one has been held accountable let alone threatened with a attatchment to thier college information for these much more destructive pranks. As a school neighbor I would much rather view the flowers. What has happened to common sense in our country?

wear a marigold in support of free speech and anti imperialism 26.May.2007 00:40


it would be kewl if the students of Wilson high started wearing marigolds

Hell everyone who believes in free speech and anti imperialism should wear a marigold

grant hs senior 26.May.2007 02:41

Zach Gage flock0fseagulls@yahoo.com

i am a senior at grant high school, and this is by far better than any senior prank my fellow seniors could think up. the pain in the streets is just ugly and stupid, but i did not know about all the "stolen blockades" nobody has said a word about that. over a hundred people (half not even seniors) did block the streets after school last wed. to wich seven cop cars and a fire truck were "needed" no move them. some also got crickets and mice, and to my and several others horror, the mice were trampled and thrown down the hallways, with a few being rescued. this is not a senior prank. it is cruel and stupid.

senior pranks have not been original or thought provoking until this one, and i commend her and will do my best to be there.

2102 SE 75th

Discourage Integrity and Honesty 26.May.2007 06:35


What is even one more example of the lack of thinking on the part of the school "authorities," is the fact that they apparently lack the time or enthusiasm to learn who the rest of the perpetrators of this grand act of personal freedom were. The one who had the courage to stand up, to admit to her "culpability" is being made to pay for the "sins" of the many (we know that she did not accomplish this entire beautiful garden alone).
In my day, we were taught the phony George Washington and the Cherry Tree story: Remember? Little Georgie did a really dumb thing, and chopped down his pop's cherry tree, but because he was honest and forthright (and there was no one else in the vicinity to blame), dad let him slide.
But our lovely princi"pal" chose instead to make an example out of Maggie. What a wonderful example she is.

Bravo, Maggie 27.May.2007 13:27


Direct action gets the goods. There are other avenues to education than elite universities. You are way ahead of the curve. Don't stop.