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Anti-G8 Filmfest and Informational

Anti-G8 Solidarity filmfest - Update on G8 in Germany(june6-8) and past G8 film
Anti-G8 Solidarity filmfest - Updates on current G8 meeting in Germany(june6-8) and past G8 films. Building awareness and resistance to global capitalism model.

May 30th 5-7pm
Portland State Universiaty RM 298
We will be showing 2 films and have updates on events at G8 meeting in Germany June 6th thru 8th.

Genova citta' aperta

Berlusconi's Mousetrap (Genoa 2001)

June 6th 2:30-4:30pm
Portland State University RM 238
Updates and video footage from events currently going at G8 in germany(June 6-8) and film on FTAA(free trade agreement of the americas)

Miami Model


Look for more events to be posted.