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Ecotopia Emerging (now limited sections free online)

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Ecotopia Emerging (now limited sections free online)

I was doing a google search for a specific book today online (a pdf copy of "From Dictatorship To Democracy" by Gene Sharp) when I realized that googles "book search" is now up and running so I did a search for Ernest Callenbach's "Ecotopia Emerging" and surprisingly found a limeted free copy

 link to books.google.com

I have not gone through the whole limited version yet (reight now I hate reading on a computer screen), but so far page 58 and a little beyond I find interesting and then some more continues on page 285. Callenbach writes of the emergence of the "Survivalist Party" which is not "survivalists" as in people fearing a take over by a world government entrenched in their bunkers with a century supply of food and ammo as is often ascribed to the word, but seem more like a merger of Peak Oilers, Earth First!ers and movements like the permaculturalists, local economy supporters, antiglobalists, green anarchists, green party-ers and others. If Cascadians are to make a political branch of the the Cascadian movement then maybe the "Survivalist Party" just might be that perfect name. If I could I would copy and paste so much in this post. As far as I know the prequel to Ecotopia (Ecotopia Emerging) was better and I heard tries to undo some of the undertones of racial issues and even the objectification of women as just sexually active Pagan idols (as some claim), but I will have to read more to find out.

A limited (or limited preview) of the original "Ecotopia" is also online at
 link to books.google.com

or the full version at  http://www.indybay.org/uploads/aipotoce.pdf

homepage: homepage: http://books.google.com/books?id=UdYJTkrIBbsC&pg=PP1&ots=J6Lc6I36qz&dq=Ecotopia+emerging&sig=magtWDsNV5bVJUQqflvln7YAvlM#PPA58,M1

wow 24.May.2007 16:51


i just mite buy a copy. what i have read so far is so good