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9.11 investigation

Nancy & Kurt Sonnenfeld, Round II

The plot thickens, Kurt's at large, and the US Perpetraitors are at it again.
Thankfully, the Rocky Mountain News story on "Kurt Sonnenfeld" is soon going supernova. If you recall, I was quick to post my thoughts about Kurt, and especially maddened to learn ths story was virtually buried in the National News. Back in 2002, a couple of folks here were equally impressed with the possible implications of Kurt's story in the connecting the dots on 9/11.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been a bed of roses for anyone. Least of all the berieved.

My first response was one of anger and somewhat self-motivated. Like it or not , I had felt this dude was out to kill Me for the better part of four years. I first met Kurt and his 'partner' upon returning to Denver, After the WTC 'FBI-shut-down,' in 1987. My lack of accuracy with certain dates at that point stems from a recent divorce, ownership of this place on Lincoln St., and family concerns in Woodstock. Through the infamous Parker family I could access nearly any show in the City, and I had two places to crash when I got the WTC gig. And, after NY, I returned to Denver and on to LA and Brisbane. Since FEMA was the first on the scene, (ahhhem,) I certainly couldn't have presumed otherwise. It was a case of 'good cop, bad cop.' And Kurt was/is certainly the more 'lamb-like.' Like the biggest kid in the class, he didn't have to take to confrontation to make a point, the opposite character from Jim Chestnutt, or Mr. up-tight. We saw him on TV, a true spokesman for the NWO, a big-eyed bald-faced liar.

Anyway, it's not about 'vetting' my story any longer, although I thank Michael Ruppert for the kind advice! It's been subjected to the real world, where I was proven right on several points, like the dubious existance of Two sets of plans. Need I mention the fine work of NIST?

Kurt's life is in serious danger, and it's up to the entire 9/11 community to come to his aid. With that in mind, perhaps we can prevent Giuliani from becomming the next pResident. We can stop Bill Ritter from pulling a Eliott Spitzer. And put the heat to the entire Congress.

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