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A New Movement In The Northwest....

There are much more important things to be spending our time and energy on. I hope that someday soon everyone will recognize this.
No more quiet protests, vigils and demonstrations. When we start organizing and building a large movement that is worth something, that has long term goals and people who are willing to escalate it and escalate over time until these goals are achieved, for a cause that will actually have positive impact on our society... then im done with this crap that doesn't matter. Yes, I am angry and frustrated. I have plenty of patients, to last me a lifetime... but I will not allow those who use the excuse of being patient as a cop-out.

There are much more important things to be spending our time and energy on. I hope that someday soon everyone will recognize this. We need to be uniting people. We need to get the African-American community, the Hispanic community, the Indian community and everyone in between ... we need to unite those separated by race and class. We need to build a movement that shuts down the war, that shuts down corporate slave-shops, child labor and genocide. We need to build a movement that sets out to shut down the prison-industrial-complex. A movement that fights for national health care.

The protests we hold now are, not to portray them as meaningless.... but have little effect. Now if we were holding large protests every weekend, and I mean large ones, or every single day... and we shut down the streets, block business, and dont succumb to the police state... then maybe the protests would get somewhere. The ones that get a little crazy, we have people on our own side turning us in to cops. We need unity and commitment. Most of the protests consist of middle-class white Americans. I fall under this category myself. But we need our black brothers & sisters, our brown brothers & sisters, our yellow and red brothers & sisters.

Learn the history of the movements taking place in Greece, Brazil, Mexico, France and all around the world. They take over their universities. They take over their streets. They stay defiant until the end, and at least they make some results, some progress... even if they havent one yet. We dont make sh*t for ground here. It disgusts me and makes me sad. Our government is raping us yet we stay good Americans and play the game.

No more. We need a new movement. A movement of all races and classes. Of all religious backgrounds. Of all the political groups and organizations united as on, who support each other despite their petty differences. A movement that will grow and build, decade after decade if it takes that long. A movement that wont back down and wont say no.

That is the kind of movement we need. If anyone is ready to start this kind of a movement then please, let me know. I'm afraid I lack experience in organizing, but I have passion. I have heart. I have real hope. A real hope that we really can create a better world. If there are those of you who would like to do this, I am here, as I am sure many others are too. I will dedicate my life to the movement.

Lets do this, for we cannot afford not to. For our sake, for America's sake... for the worlds sake.

- GenerationBetrayed

well I would say that is what Cascadianism or bioregionalism is about 24.May.2007 17:57

Ecotopian Yeti

I would claim that those of us in the push fora bioregional awakening is about all of that of course someone will claim "oh they are all white males" which is amazing how those trolls can make such a claim. Ultimately we can not make a socio-ecologically balanced bioregion if any form of authoritarianism or chauvanism or structural violence is embraced or ignored. As long as their is systematic oppression people will always seek out their immediate needs over the holonic health of the bioregion be that by "racial labelling"; ethnic chauvanism; sexism; gender chauvanism; dictate on what is sexually acceptable for mutually concenting adults; biases on ablities; the division of labour be it gender or class or group identity; intolerance of familial patterns or partner status; age; health; educational background; religious affiliation or designation; and so forth. We can only create harmony with the rest of Mother Nature when we find it within ourselves adn then in a single collective voice will we demand that all the commons must be sacrosanct to our shared being. As long as there is a disparity between those with ingored needs while there are those with blantant excess and as long as there are those willing to particapant in this system of brutality and injustice we can never truly find a balance in Nature. So it is of utmost importance to those advocating bioregionalism (as a step to living in harmony with all of Gaia) to stress our need to find more holistic resolutions to all these conflicts.


I really liked this article 26.May.2007 16:26

Jody Paulson

I hope to write an essay around it, but I have very little time to use the internet.


Here are some ideas I've had about taking non-violent action

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". -- Martin Luther King Jr.

I'll post more ideas for taking action at my blog soon. I have them, I just never have the time to post!!