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Haiti - "We Must Kill The Bandits" Film Tonight 7pm

Join Kevin Pina and see his film which will be playing at The Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton
TODAY - May 24 at 7:00pm.

This is a Human Rights Film that exposes the UN and Haiti Police Corruption. Filming as an Indy Journalist see from Kevins camera lens and hear his words.... Haiti is being abused by its leaders, and the UN, all of which The White House manipulated and encouraged.

The Film Is Only Playing Once Tonight at 7pm
Kevin Pina's new documentary "Haiti: We Must Kill the BANDITS" is brave documentary from a dedicated human rights journalist/filmmaker.
WATCH the short trailer  http://haitiinformationproject.net/

I did not know much about Haiti, in fact, I can say I knew nothing before seeing this video, except that it was a very poor country and the Government was bad to its people.
I had no idea.
Then yesterday I see this film at Liberty Hall.
This film awakens many questions, I am grateful to have been enlightened.
I urge you to see, for I barley know and my words are not exactly correct and they don't begin to truly share the true story as it needs to be viewed. So bare with my recollection, and please go check it out and meet Kevin the Indy Producer:

Kevin is out sharing this video in the US, which is his second published film. He is working/editing on film number three as you read this. He will be heading to Olympia, Washington after is Oregon stop at the Clinton Theater tonight. His previous film is titled "Harvest of Hope" (I seen a small out-take in the BANDITS video)

He tells us "One of his camera guys just recently had been arrested for no reason, but because of lots of media attention they released him and his camera... but the camera taken by the UN never was returned. They said they lost it?"
This type of continuing harassment, badgering, and even downright cold-blooded-killing happens all the time by the ones who have overthrown Aristide and the "Lavala's" in Haiti.
A lot of this film was during the 2003 -2004 ... but it does cover a historic past and other dates as well. A major intimidation of any opposition or rebellion of even the reporters, was being done and overlooked (done) by the UN law and order peacekeepers.
And that was so amazing to see, it was bizarre, it seems so insane!
Priests were arrested, A lady peace singer activist "So Ann" arrested on "Fake Charges" ... ... I see her singing about freedom then ... ... next we hear on the film, she is arrested ... ... 24 months latter ... ..The charges are dropped... ...
(Yet sadly other charges to this day are still pending)
You kind of get the picture... ... This deserves the light of day ... ... !

The Lavala's are a peaceful Christian group (if I remember right) they and the ex- President "Aristide".... (Who is now in hiding in exile in Africa) have all been killed or are in hiding or are being hunted down. There certainly were Lavala supporters still speaking out but the leadership was destroyed.

The new corrupt government keeps the wealthy safe and happy and the UN makes sure the black masked police are protected, and while the UN forces are protecting and allowing the CORRUPT POLICE to destroy and terrorize the country and its people.
This new government & police are now with full UN military support, which now comes with suppressing all protests, no mass public protests or large parades anymore they have been banned
And I think the odds were around 85% of the country doesn't like it.

The Black Mask Police have killed or jailed any old leaders or revolutionaries from the past ruling party, along with innocents who are killed, be it random or planned as well.

The people live broke and in fear of the authorities. The poorest nation in the world ... .and kept that way by: The US, Canada, and France, and then as we see in Kevin's film, the United Nations is in deep as well.
Kevin told us how the corrupt wealthy owners of Haiti who have billions and profit off the backs of their poor. Economically manipulated, and exploited, it is deplorable.
Now I do know what is going on!

Kevin's Indy filming is right in the streets, interviewing people who live there and people who, have had family shot by the UN and or police. At one point in the film he even puts himself in front of the trigger happy UN forces and screams at them to stop.
Hell the UN was doing what exactly what Kevin has been documenting for years, bold killings, gun shots to the head of unarmed protesters and enforcing the cleansing of a poor democratic peaceful nation.
He latter is threatened over this and beat by the United Nation Peacekeepers on some city street (but that is not in the video)
He told us avid listeners, how because of his journalism and filming how he was once pistol whipped by the police and he said he was threatened numerous times fearing for his life to where he went into hiding. I was shocked and pissed hearing this authorized use of power to kill and rampage.

Kevin was latter also arrested by the Death Squads at one point from inside the church at a place where children are being fed a hot meal daily and he was friends of the priest.
At his arrest they tore up and terrorized the church, black mask, guns and all.
Oh they arrested the priest as well (forgive my not remembering his name) (Jaun-Juet -???) and kept him in prison for a long time.
He is in the film as well, and seems to be a very peaceful loving man.

This film is full of stark bold ugly facts.
See close up shots as UN armored forces that are continuingly referred to as "the foreigners" by the locals, being protested and yelled at.
See them lurking with huge guns throughout the cities on foot and in armored rigs... .. They are constantly hunting "bandits" they called them (yet there were hardly none????)
It was all exaggerated to (sic) justify the thousands killed with immunity by Foreign Authority through a puppet installed government of thief's and thugs .

See the crowd yelling "Bush Leave Us Alone"... ."Bush go home"
Or the scene (excellent sub-titles by the way) where the lady goes home from work, and her husband and other family is all murdered by the police/UN ... ..she is screaming in like an insane laugh like "Thank You Foreigners" - "Thank you for killing my family"
Talk about surreal Bush / Iraq / flashback

See the crowds swarming the streets on their flag day through the eyes of Kevin and his edge-of-your-seat-reporting, he guides you through the history of the coup, and the never asked for foreign intervention that brought about the ruin a country and through violence and then put its own Puppets they called a Government in.

As the witch hunts and murders raged through different cities, the UN was right there (Canada, France, and The USA) leading in support, watching and being involved in cold-blooded murder. Odd to me, <for some reason> Canada was a big player in this he points out to all of us.
Latter in the film a scene where right after some innocent people were shot in the crowd by the police, the camera points at a UN Peacekeeper and asks how can they just sit there and watch?... .
And the camera shows them (UN) not talking or answering, just deadpan staring with their guns and blue helmets on, while fully allowing the violence to happen?

See the woman and teenage kids shocked faces and first-hand-accounts of "the Police are doing this to us" as their house is shot up the church shot up, family missing or dead.
Kevin films show about a dozen beautiful little kids marching down the street that look like to me to be 4 years old, all saying to the camera "I want my daddy back from jail"!
"The Police Took My Daddy"

What Kevin also helps explain how it got so out of hand, the previous party and affiliates were overthrown, killed, and framed all were hunted and treated like terrorist.
False charges, no warrants, planted weapons, all the cheating dirty tricks were used to shut down and run out the voted in Aristide regime.
They caused chaotic social breakdowns, fear, and disappearance, and poverty.
Bush has his name all over this, from financing weapons to, embargos, from full support of the overthrow of Aristide by violence and killing and death Squads.
Sounds like Iraq story to me in many invading/occupying ways!
As I mentioned prior to this film, I knew nothing of all this going on, some was my fault for never really looking hard or not seeing any "big" enough headlines, or bothering to read those smaller blips, but after watching this my eyes are wide open!
I know now ...
I can see those blue helmets ... .now,
I can see the blood on the streets and the people.
I thank Kevin for his work!
I still have a lot to research and learning, I will be first to admit.

Here as seen in this film there is hardly any fighting back by the people in the streets.
No insurgents in this poor country.
I seen no fighting back, only in "powerful words" like
"You can shoot us but it wont be while we lay down, we will be standing" and
"We are not afraid"
This is powerful stuff

Kevin does interview one fellow who was fighting back within a small group ....
They used rocks to attack a few soldiers then they got a few guns... ..
But it wasn't long before the UN came in and "brutally wiped that small group out" in that town, as well as innocent kids, women, and unarmed civilians who were in the area at that time. The UN lied and said no civilian causalities.
But that was lies ...Kevin has the film ..... he exposes the real story of what happened.

Seeing these big armored white UN vehicles rolling through these poor towns,
looked like, just what it is....
"they were invaded and overtaken by, what the locals all yelled many times over again
"The foreigners are coming"
It hit me home when I seen young teenage kids yelling out Anti Bush statements
How can kids ...or why would teenagers in Haiti hate Bush so much.......?
Because he had lots to do with ruining this country.....I didn't know ....now I can add Haiti to my list of countries my president has major-ly messed-up

You watch this video and you will see why, you will see what the Corporate Media, the United Nations, and the White House all helped to set up to destroy / and now overthrown they can control as they decide
That dirty bum Bush helped to screw this country over but good, like the puppet General Abraham, whose name is mentioned as being crooked and part of the coup.

The Death Squads, "Operation Baghdad", forced exile, bullshit Human Rights Groups like the NCHR are all exposed by Kevin that show the truth that the Corporate NAFTA approved news wont tell you or report

A great film that will change my life
I gave 3$ at the door
And then 10$ more when it was over I really want to help Kevin by supporting his efforts.
I then went out and passed out fliers downtown to about 50 people last night
I am moved by this information.... I would never of known any of this
I never would of seen it...... and that's why I say .....
Ya gotta see it at the Clinton Street Theater tonight
There is a trailer on his film.... and one day here soon he said he will stream it for free ...but for now he needs to make a few dollars at the door or from showing it around to make some money to support his efforts and to continue doing so.... I understand and want to help spread his work of love... ... That's why I am writing this.

The message is a strong Human Rights Issue... .. if you don't know much about all this ... you gotta see it ... .. My next step is to Take Action by going to the links on his website and below and writing the UN or various government agencies who can maybe help make change. Let them know we are aware and are watching.

When someone asked Kevin who might be the best to get involved with that was making good changes he mentioned that, in his "opinion" helping the Haiti people in ways to be self-sufficient and to help educate and encourage their Independence is what they really need. Thinking about that opinion, I liked his insight!

I asked him what could we do about this he mentioned to see the links on his website

I was provided this Info list below by a fellow staffer at the event:

Portland Haiti Solidarity Committee email for information:

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti







homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com