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Meyerhoff Gets 13 Years, Plus Terrorism Enhancement

Stan Meyerhoff has been sentenced to 13 years in federal custody during a two-day hearing.
Judge Ann Aiken departed from the recommended sentence of prosectors (16 years) due to Stan's cooperation.

The terrorism enhancement was applied for the actions at Romania Chevrolet, Jefferson Poplar Farm, and the Eugene police substation.

Full court notes will be posted as soon as they are typed up at cldc.org

From Meyerhoff's Statement at Court 23.May.2007 17:47

Gumby Cascadia

"I was ignorant of history and economy and acted from a faulty and narrow vision as an ordinary bigot. A million times over I apologize ... to all of you hardworking business owners, employees, researchers, firemen, investigators, attorneys and all citizens whose property was destroyed, whose holidays were ruined, whose welfare was thwarted, and whose sleep was troubled."

Hmm 24.May.2007 01:44


Let's see. Myerhoff got 3 years off the recommended sentence for turning government witness? 30 pieces of silver would have been a better deal.