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g8 pdxindy reporters on location

Four PDX indymedia reporters are live on location in Germany, making their way to Rostock for the actions against the G8.
Vanc, Seda, Säed, and Pax are all staying in a squat in an undisclosed location in Germany. They call themselves The William McKinley Brigade, an homage to The Abraham Lincoln Brigade of the Spanish civil war. Follow their journeys on their trip blog:  http://McKinleyBrigade.blogspot.com

homepage: homepage: http://McKinleyBrigade.blogspot.com

Really? 23.May.2007 09:27


I didn't know that's what we were calling ourselves. I'm not part of the blog, but I'll try to post here when I have more time. Only three minutes left at the internet cafe right now, and it's very spendy. Fuck some shit up for us at home!

In solidarity,