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Decisions, decisions

How to decide which face of the one-party system to hate more than the other...
Lately, my revulsion with the so-called two-party system seems to know no boundaries. How is one to decide which face of the one-party system to hate more than the other. Such a quandry and I haven't the slightest idea what to do.

It used to be that I could always depend on the Republican Party to provide me with more than ample reason to revile them. But lately, the Democrats are beginning to rival the R's for my disdain.

How do I chose between two self-serving groups, neither of which deserves the trust of the American people much less the ability to make decisions about my life?

Should it be the greedy, selfish and morally bankrupt R's, or should it be the spineless, milktoast and anemic D's?

What is one to do?

Simple 22.May.2007 22:26


Neither party deserves support and they haven't for quite a few years. Look to the minority parties. There are many.

general strike 22.May.2007 22:33


General strike two days before the election, carry through past the election. Neither party cares for the working class or anyone outside of the vested power range.

Democrats Are Not Spineless 22.May.2007 23:36


The claim that Democratic leadership is weak-willed or spineless assumes that their ideology and values are different than the Republicans, and that they would work for change if they only had the guts. But both parties are interested primarily in concentrating power in the hands of corporations and state institutions.

Listen to Robert Jensen:

"The political elites of the United States of America are united in their acceptance of ... historical fabrications and contemporary obfuscations. Whatever their particular policy proposals, they all lie about the nature of the system that has produced U.S. power and affluence. They all invoke mythical notions of the fundamental decency of the United States. And because of that, they all are part of the problem."

Try this on for size. 23.May.2007 01:26


Toward a Bioregional State: A Series of Letters About Political Theory and Formal Institutional Design in the Era of Sustainability

A novel approach to development and sustainability proposing instead of issues of population scale or technocratic planning, the priority is an overhaul of corrupted democratic institutions.

Read the introductory chapter here.


or many news analysis articles related to the bioregional state here:


or review at:

 link to www.amazon.com

Only more competitive party frameworks will be more representative of particular areas. Only more representative politics will get to sustainability. Have both at once in the proposals of the bioregional state.

Toward A Bioregional State a novel approach to development and to sustainability, proposing that instead of sustainability being an issue of population scale, managerial economics, or technocratic planning, an overhaul of formal democratic institutions is required. This is because environmental degradation has more to do with the biased interactions of formal institutions and informal corruption. Because of corruption, we have environmental degradation. Current formal democratic institutions of states are forms of informal gatekeeping, and as such, intentionally maintain democracy as ecologically "out of sync". The bioregional state argues that we are unable to reach sustainability without a host of additional ecological checks and balances. These ecological checks and balances would demote corrupt uses of formal institutions by removing capacities for gatekeeping against democratic feedback. Sustainability is a politics that is already here--only waiting to be formally organized.

From the Amazon.com review:

"The bioregional state continued an interest in facilitating competitive party democracy as much as human health, ecological, and economic security. Soon, I found that 'theoretically' the main thread through all the additional checks and balances were coaleasing around was the demotion of the 'gatekeeping issue,' i.e., the demotion of the informal clientelism issue of power that destroys both competitive democracy as well destroys citizenship developmental feedback toward ecological security. That same issue of gatekeeping and clientelism in democracy takes the blame for supporting and expanding ecological and human health damage as well.

Thus, the issues of democratic facilitation and ecological security circled back on each other and were shown to be one in the same.

work work work 23.May.2007 06:07


Make your own changes in your community. I have given up on 'them' to be of any meaningful help. When I was young, perhaps the Dems actually did make a difference for the working person. More likely, I was just too uneducated to know that they were just a part of the machine even then. I am terribly frustrated and disappointed...so I am going to do what I can by myself to make differences. It is all I can think of right now.

Call the God Damn Congress 23.May.2007 06:42


1 888 851 1879

toll free to bug them. You maybe able to attempt to convey your thought to our leadership.

Confront your allegations

another number 23.May.2007 12:56


1 800 270 0309

ask your congress person to impeach.

ask what do they think on pnsd 51