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David Ray Griffin and Community Celebrate Sell-out Event at P.S.U. Monday Night

David Ray Griffin PSU Appearance Nearly Sells Out. 600 hear about 9/11 truth and have books signed.
The Monday night talk by David Ray Griffin, author of "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" and more than 20 other books, was more of a success than anyone could have imagined. Griffin, Professor Emeritus of Claremont College of Theology, Spoke to a capacity crowd of about 600 people in the Smith Ballroom at P.S.U. Copies of Griffin's new book, "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" were signed after the Talk. People began showing up for tickets at 5 pm and lines began to back up as early as a half hour before the talk which started 10 minutes late to accomodate late comers. Book sales were brisk. As expected, the event was totally ignored by the mainstream media.

The PDX9/11 Truth Alliance has become a major force in bringing the truth about 9/11 to a community of diverse citizens eager for information that counters the official "conspiracy theory." After the talk, Griffin, his videographer Ken Jenkins were rushed to a secret underground location to celebrate the great success. The PDX 911 Truth alliance invites those interested to join us at Laughing Horse Books Wednesday nights at 7 pm. Laughing Horse is located just a few feet north of Burnside on N.E. 10th. For more information about Griffin see:  http://mindfully.org/Reform/2006/911-David-Ray-Griffin30mar06.htm Copies of Griffins new and previous books on 9/11 are available at Laughing Horse Books.

The next event on tap with PDX9/11 truth will be an appearance by Dr. Robert Bowman, ex-head of the "Star Wars" program under Bush, Sr. and Carter. He was also a candidate for Congress from Florida in the last "election." Bowman was also a decorated fighter pilot in Viet Nam and an interceptor pilot for the air force. Bowman in an outspoken member of the 9/11 truth community and comes from a place of direct knowledge of how the defense system works. this will be on the 21st of June, location to be announced. Those interested are encouraged to email for details.

who got da film? that is the question 22.May.2007 22:30


I look forward to seeing this film talk of Griffin's own book, where he takes arms against a sea of troubles.

Good Speech 23.May.2007 09:19

Peace & Love

I thought Griffin gave an excellent speech. It was very much the presentation of a professional academic, so I think some of the people who wanted to cheer any anti-Bush statement got tired of it and left. Instead it was perfect syllogism and a pleasure to hear. It wasn't really a sell-out, though. I'd say more like 75% capacity.

It would be interesting to hear Griffin depart from the empirical and pontificate about the nature of evil behind what is going on. He's a theologian, for goodness sake, so the symbollism that the 911 culprits surround themselves with can't be lost on him (Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, Masonic, Judaic, Talmudic, Evangelical, etc). His speech was great for a book tour, but there wasn't any bonus material. Simply referring to one of his associate's assertions that "many people have become very rich" off 911 is a valid, potential explanation to offer, but not one that draws from his personal expertise to speculate.

The fact that 911 has been used as an excuse to involve the U.S. in a centuries old conflict with definite religious implications can't be lost on Dr. Griffin.