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Rally for immigrant rights all this week

Causa Alert
*Rally Against Bad Immigration Legislation*
Wednesday May 23rd 5 pm
Monday May 21- Thursday, May 24 5 pm

In Front of Sen. Smith's office: 121 SW Salmon (corner of SW 1st & Salmon)

Join Causa and Jobs with Justice this week to rally against a compromised bill on immigration reform. Rallies will be held every day this week at Sen. Smith's office to express or outrage at this unjust bill. It is important that we do our part to create a unified voice. We will be supporting immigrant workers and their families on Wednesday May 23rd as part of a week of rallies. If you cannot make it on Wednesday and would still like to show your support, organizations and individuals will be coming out Monday through Thursday. There is more information on the bill and the rallies below. If you would like more information from Jobs with Justice call 503-236-5573. Updates from AFSC available here:  http://www.afsc.org/immigrants-rights/current-news/

Alert from CAUSA:

Join us in front of Senator Smith's office this week to fight for justice for immigrant workers and their families. This week the Senate will be debating immigration reform and their decisions could affect immigrants for decades to come.

The Senate is expected to vote later today on whether a compromise bill, announced last week, will go to the Senate floor for debate. If the vote passes, debate on the bill will run until Memorial Day. Now is the time to voice our opposition to the unworkable, immoral provisions in the bill and fight to change it! In particular, we are calling for reunification of families and a path to citizenship for all workers.
This bill severely undermines the current family-based immigration system by eliminating entire categories of the family-based immigration system and establishing an unworkable "merit-based" point system for green card applications. It also creates a guestworker program with no path to citizenship, thus instituting a permanent underclass of exploitable workers.

This week we plan to rally every afternoon in front of Smith's office. We will send out a daily confirmation and update on the Senate debate.

Rally in front of Sen. Smith's office: Monday May 21- Thursday, May 24, 5 pm
121 SW Salmon (corner of SW 1st and Salmon)

Call-in numbers: 1-800-417-7666 (for instructions in Spanish call 1-800-882-2005)

For more information:

Statement from CAUSA and FIRM on Senate deal:  http://www.causaoregon.org/news-items/statement-on-senate-immigration-deal

Preliminary summary of Senate deal:  http://www.causaoregon.org/pdfs/AILA%20summary%20Senate%20deal.pdf

Front page coverage of Smith rallies:  http://www.elhispanicnews.com/archivo/2007/may/051707ehnpub.pdf