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The Truth Arrives in Sandy

Finally, a shipment of truth has arrived at the gates of hell, also known as Sandy, Oregon.
Today, almost two dozen copies of the excellent DVD, "28 Seconds, The Killing Of Fouad Kaady" were delivered to an unsuspecting city of Sandy, Oregon. May they live, and multiply, and maybe serve to educate those who are still foolish enough to believe that the cops are there to protect and to serve them. Oh, several other copies have been scattered hither and yon, as well. Estacada's brand new library has a copy, and there are more to follow. Please, if you manage to score a copy, if you have the means, burn a copy or ten, and spread the wealth. We can use all the help we can get, to illuminate the dark regions of Clackamas County.

If you're throwing shows in Clackamas, or know folks that are... 27.May.2007 10:12


If you're throwing punk, or hip hop shows in Clackamas County, or know folks that are post your contact info and folks will get you copys. If you have a distro and want copys of this post your contact info.
We have access to a batch burner but need distrobution to make this work.