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BLM to Slaughter 39 Square Miles of Oregon's Oldest Forests

The Oregon BLM is an out of control and rogue agency. Over the last 3 years the Oregon BLM has been found guilty of breaking federal law by 9th Circuit courts on six separate occasions over timber sales in southern Oregon. This was without the current agenda of gutting the Northwest Forest Plan proposal called the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) yet implemented.
Over 25,000 acres or 39 Square Miles of Oregon's Native and Ancient Forests Await Slaughter.

More than 25 thousand of acres of ancient forest on western Oregon's public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are on the chopping block. As terrible as these existing timber sales described below are, if the BLM gets away with it's current plans of throwing out key provisions of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) this will be just the tip of the iceberg.

The Medford, Roseburg and Coos Bay BLM have over 33 timber sales or more than 25,000 acres of native old growth forests planned to be logged. This is not even taking into account tens of thousands of acres of under-story clear-cut treatments or so-called "fuels treatment projects" in native and old growth forests throughout southern Oregon!

The Medford District has the bulk of these with 25 timber sales alone or more than 20,000 acres of native public forests on the chopping block. ( For more information on the lawsuits and timber sales in the Medford District go to www.kswild.org and for the Illinois Valley specifically go to www.siskiyou.org )

Here is a list of sales by Resource Area (RA) in the Medford District:

Applegate RA.
Bald Lick, China Keeler, Deadman's Palm, Ferris Bugman, and Prince Castor.

Iliinois Valley RA.
Deer Mom, South Deer, Tennessee Lime, Anderson West, West Fork, East Fork, and Althouse Sucker (almost every acre of BLM land in the Illinois Valley effected).

Galice RA.
Picket Snake and Kelsey Whisky (Zane Grey Roadless Area).

Glendale RA.
Westside, Cotton Snake, Granite Horse, Willy Slide, and Boney Skull.

Ashland RA.
Scattered Apples and Gallsfoot.

Butte Falls RA.
North Trail, South Trail, and Bowen Arrow.

Roseburg BLM District.
(For detailed information on the sales below go www.umpqua-watersheds.org )
Dickerson Heights, South Fork Myrtle, What a Gas, Green Thunder, Can Can, and Cow Catcher.

Coos Bay BLM.
East Fork Coquile and Cedar Creek.

Now, as you can see the battle will only be partially won when we defeat the BLM's WOPR.
Get involved, get the new "Boom, Bust, and the BLM" DVD, and help shut down the Oregon BLM.
Go to our website:

homepage: homepage: http://www.wildernessdefenders.net/cea.html

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