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The Intention Experiment

A purely creative exercise, this story tells us how to restore the southern ocean or give spine to a bunch of Democrat wimps.
Transformation, "spukhafte Fernwirkungen" Albert Einstein - spooky things happen at a distance.

"Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne at PEAR achieved greater effects with time displacement than with standard experiments. (Princeton Engineering Anomalous Research)" from The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, 2007.

Anon Y. Moose and Moose Chow lived in a time. They decided to begin an experiment with their friend Carmel Lite. Anon and Moose had been meditating with Carmel at Our Father's Porch for nearly a year on a weekly basis before the breakthrough was achieved. It was Anon who penetrated the psychic shield. Moose provided the distraction. They would meditate for an hour using the Great Invocation - a sort of eclectic Buddhist ritual. After collectively stating their intent, it was sealed with the brilliant tones of a Tibetan singing bowl tuned to C sharp. Near the end of the hour, time began to slow at will for Anon. As long as he could endure the physical discomfort of his seated position, time remained stopped. He had consciously broken through time and space of the Christian psychic barrier. Carmel confirmed this with a vision she had, "I saw a clock with its hands stopped."
When they next met, Anon suggested that they go after the bad guys. Moose was hesitant. "Let's proceed cautiously. We don't want to affect history and remove ourselves from the picture."
Carmel, always the voice of mediation, questioned, "what did you have in mind, Anon?"
"I tell you the truth, I respect Moose's caution. When I was in my mid-twenties, I traveled to Laddakh in the western Himalayas. My intent was to challenge Tibetan Buddhist psychic control of the region. Of course, I had people praying for me, but I had no idea how dangerous it was for me. After successfully completing the mission, I had angry monks chasing me all the way back to New Delhi."
Moose asked, "What did you do?"
Anon gazed abstractedly in the distance, "I remember trekking across twenty kilometers of boulder-strewn glacial moraine. The walking was very difficult, since nothing was level. It was at high altitude, probably 10,000 feet, and being summer the days were long. Near evening I was so exhausted that only the glittering reflections of crystals in the rocks inspired me to go on. With an hour of day left, I approached the canyon where Hemis Gompa was located. Rising above fluttering green aspen were the outer walls of the Buddhist monastery. As I drew near, I saw skulls placed in the crenulations, like watchmen to keep away evil spirits.
"The next day, we Europeans were allowed to attend the monks doing their morning chants for the upcoming festival. I cloaked myself in the Bible smuggler's verse, 'Make the eyes that see not to see, and the eyes that see blind'. At a certain point, a huge guard monk moved to usher the Europeans out. I had quietly separated myself from the others and stood on the opposite side from the monk with two rows of chanting monks between us. As the guard monk left with the others, an old monk in the row before me, turned back and winked."
"Awesome," Moose observed.
Carmel added, "So why did you tell us this story?"
"Based upon the experiments at Princeton with time displacement, I want to go back to that time, and energize myself with more shielding than I had consciously at the time. There will be no change in my physical appearance or the course of my actions afterward."
"It's your body, Anon. After the meditation, we can check to see if you are all here," Moose decided. An hour later the Tibetan bowl's tones brought the three out of their deep meditation. Everybody seemed intact, and they agreed to meet the following week.
Our Father's Porch was a ministry for heroin and methadone addicts. Carmel pretty much ran the place herself with about five hundred dollars a month in donations from a Christian business couple. When Anon, Moose, and Carmel met to meditate, they closed the door to the main living area, and retired to a quiet studio. Usually there were no distractions, except an occasional train going down the tracks a half of a block away. As they seated themselves, Moose noticed that grin on Anon's face that meant he had something up his sleeve. "What are you up to, Anon?"
"Well, actually, it is what we are about to be up to."
Carmel came in a little late. She first had to cook dinner for the addicts. "Sorry, I'm late," she apologized.
Moose looked over at Carmel, "Anon is up to something."
Carmel looked quizzically at Anon.
Anon began, "What I am about to say is for Christians only. It should not be undertaken by non-Christians, because there is a very real danger that they will think they are God."
"What in the world are you talking about?"
"It's his usual mysterious opening," Moose said.
Anon continued, "You two remember that Jesus said, 'It is finished' when he was about to die on the cross?"
"Yes," they answered.
"In the messianic prophecies of Isaiah 53, it states, 'he was cut off from the land of the living, who shall declare his generation?' The Bible is filled with paradoxes. One of them is that he ascended to his Father in heaven, yet Paul quotes, 'nevertheless, it is not I, but Christ that liveth in me.' Of course in quantum entanglement, photons and coherent light can easily be in two places at once."
"Uh-oh, you're not going where I think you are?" Moose countered.
Carmel interrupted, "What are you two talking about?"
Moose started, "Anon wants to go back to the crucifixion and give Jesus power to endure the pain of his death."
Carmel drew a quick inhalation, "Isn't that blasphemy?"
Anon grinned, "Not if it is Jesus in us doing the empowering. He is just helping himself out. He is outside of time and space, and that's the only way we can be outside of time and space. The Bible says, 'we are in the world, but not of it.' What do you think that means?"
Moose, half-convinced, reflected, "We would not be altering anything physically."
Carmel added, "Maybe with the three of us, that's all that will happen, but if the whole body of Christ today gets in on the act... .."
Her sentence was finished by Anon "..the sky will become overcast, lightning bolts will strike, and there might be a minor earthquake. No problem."