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Tony Blair

euology for a politician.
... "with a wicklowpattern waxenwench at her prow for a figurehead, the deadsea dugong updipdripping from his depths, and has been reproaching himself like a fishmummer these siktyten years ever since, his shebui by his shide, adi and aid, growing hoarsih under his turban and changing can sugar into sethulose starch (Tuttut's cess to him!) as also that, batin the bulkihood he bloats about when innebbiated, as our old offencer was humile, commune, and ensectuous from his nature, which you may gauge after the bynames was put under him, in lashons of languages, (honnein suit and praisers be!) and, totalizing him, even hamissim of himashim that he, sober serious, he is ee and no counter he will be ultimendly respunchable for the hubbub caused in Edenborough." James Joyce "Finnegans Wake" ( Book 1 end paragraph of chapter 1)

Tony Blair

Ah you sweet puppeteer
Who helped to direct the DNA
Majesty who sits
Upon englands
Symbolic throne of god,
You great direcetor
Of parliament
Quick for a ye heave ho zany
Funny and abscontant
With the kind will of the people
Turned bloody upon a
Payback from corporate sovereignties
Who helped you to steer
With Texan cowplunk Bush
A great proganda profit for them all.

Tony you will be missed
Like a mark.

You have announced your plans
To abscond with your money
And take your profiteerism
To a wikepedia redefinition of Christianity
With acrnonyms to OIL.
Operation Iraqi Liberation
Helped you to steer
Cowplunk Bush
To a new definition for patriotism
And in ACT II
You puppet master
Grand Lord and all that Reinterpretation of English
The real ruling head for the symbolic DNA crown
Helped to define new levels to torture
And all that
Patriotic stuff,
You leave now
With your waistcoat
Your hat in hand
Your humble civic servant attire
To live off your mobster
Back board rooming dealings
That redfined
Torture and England.